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Boosting wireless signal


Boosting wireless signal

I'm not very computer savvy, but is there a way to boost the wireless signal from my U-Verse router? My wife's computer is a fair distance from the router and the signal varies between one and two bars. What can be done?
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Re: Boosting wireless signal

In System Summary under Home Network look at Wireless Settings at the bottom of the page Power Settings 1 through 10     10 highest.
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Re: Boosting wireless signal

couple of thoughts :


keep in mind its a 2 way street and the puter maybe the weaker link  (rg3800 is 400mW)


u may try a diff channel and see if it improves ?  (trial and error ) try 4  then try 9  etc


also a program called netstumbler can be used to see what choice of channels might be best.......


the passcode is on the sticker on the side of the rg3800  residentail gateway ( u will need it )





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Re: Boosting wireless signal

is this the only wireless computer in the house?  If not, do the other ones get a better signal?


Most of the time a weak signal (including dropped signals) is due to either distance o more oftenr signal interference. Take note what is near the RG and also was is between the RG and the computer....

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Re: Boosting wireless signal

Bypass the wifi issue completely with this.  It'll use the AC wiring in your house to create the network..


Or if you have a cablebox (set top box...whatever you want to call it) that is close to your wife's computer, check to see if the network port in the back of it is not being used.  If its unused, then you can run cat5 from your computer to that network port.  Voila, instant internet.


Keep in mind the 1-2 bars thing really doesn't matter unless your wife is getting disconnected.  All that matters is that her connection is stable. 

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Re: Boosting wireless signal

goot6936 wrote:

Bypass the wifi issue completely with this.  It'll use the AC wiring in your house to create the network..


Those will work good for computers, but these will work good enough to even run an STB on the other end.


Also see this thread.


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