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Blocking Adult Web site


Blocking Adult Web site

Is there anyway to block adult content web sites from being viewed on the computer? I thought you could do it before. Any help would be appreciated.

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Re: Blocking Adult Web site

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Re: Blocking Adult Web site

If you have Windows Live, you can also use the Family Safety feature.

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Re: Blocking Adult Web site

It will cost you about $30 but it's one of the best web filtering software on the market. Net Nanny

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Re: Blocking Adult Web site

Windows Vista and Win 7 both have built in web filtering capability.  The caveat is that the account being filtered should not be an administrator on the computer or they can override the settings.


IMO, there's no reason to surf the web with an admin level account anyhow.  You're just giving the malware an easier path to your computer.

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