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Block websites

Can I block certain websites using the RG?  There are a few websites I'd like to block and would rather do it at the RG instead of having each of my computers running blocking software in the background.



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Re: Block websites

No way to block it at the RG, but you can make a one-time adjustment to each computer, then have centralized control using OpenDNS.


Check out the OpenDNS web site for how to do it.


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Re: Block websites

Hey Grunt ( Nam?)... hope this helps.


     Do yourself a favor.  Grab a d-link routher like the Dlink 615 ( ads wireless N to your home and it's backwards compat  to G's ) for  around 39.00.  After you add it name your net  ( hmmm maybe GRUNT_NET (g)) Go into the 2 wire.  Shut off wireless if all you have is the web. 


Inside of D-Links app you can add all the websites you want &  choose to block.


Look for your D-Link router and make it DMZplus. 


In 2wire application:


Choose firewall

Choose Applications, Pinholes and DMZ


If your new router is the only item plugged into the 2wire you should see this:


You have chosen  Grunt-Net  ( If you named your d-link  router same/same )


Click on the option:


Allow all applications (DMZplus mode) - Set the selected computer in DMZplus mode. All inbound traffic, except traffic which has been specifically assigned to another computer using the "Allow individual applications" feature, will automatically be directed to this computer. The DMZplus-enabled computer is less secure because all unassigned firewall ports are opened for that computer.


Click on Status and you should see something like this:


Current Settings: Custom

Device Allowed Applications Application Type Protocol Port Number(s) Public IP
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