Blackberry 9630 Tour


Blackberry 9630 Tour


I have an unlocked Blackberry 9630 Tour originally from Verizon (gosh, I hated Verizon). Although the SIM card came from a Samsung phone I am using my Tour successfully on the Edge network but cannot access the web. Can someone tell me if this is an equipment, Blackberry, browser, SIM or network issue ? I know I should bring it into the AT&T store but hope for a more expedient solution if anyone has one. Thanx !


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Re: Blackberry 9630 Tour

1) This is the UVerse forum, not Wireless

2) VWZ over AT&T wireless is much better if you actually want to make a call and keep it connected. Smiley Wink

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Re: Blackberry 9630 Tour

In efforts to avoid board clutter and confusion, we ask that you please refrain from cross and double posting. Please check here for responses to your inquiry. Thank you.

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