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Bill notification BEFORE service start...that's how you make money?


Bill notification BEFORE service start...that's how you make money?

I finally caved into the ads about uVers (or is it u-worse?) and went online to get the service.  Web site told me U-verse is not available ...can't be...So I called and foudn out the reason, "U-Worse" is available on for internet but not TV of Phone.  Fine..I went and ordered the self install service to start on 3/11.  They gave a window of 9 AM - 11 AM.  They tech showed up @ 6 PM and said cannot be done.  Wired is too old from the post to the house and has to dispatach and I&R.  

The repair guy showed up the next day (OK, it's a Saturday, give them that quick turn around)  around 10 and left at noon.  He said he wired everything up but don't know what the next step is.  I tried to connect the modem and Internet connection...Call the 800#, got transferred a few times and finally got to level 2.  tech said can't "see" the modem remotely...Duh...I could have told them that.  More rescheudled has to be done...

Now the ticket is esclatied to "engineering" (ooo...I got to some,  am impressed) and I was going to be called once it ready. I never got the call.  I got impatient by Wed and called to find out now we have to wait another few days to get the service provisioned.  Now it's scheduled for Friday 3/18.

3/18 at 1:32 PM, I got the call from an automated system that the service is delayed again.  No reason, no further infomation was given.  I called them back and system said 2 tickets are completed.  I got a hold of the level 1 and she told me there was some "equipment issue" and needs to escalate.

10 minuts later, I got to the IPDSLAM group.  At first he cannot fine any open tickets.  He has to call dispatch to find out what the status is.  

another 20 min, finally, got to dispatch and got the stories.  The guy is knowedgeable  told me the original ticket was not worte out correctly.  reworte teh tickets and now another 3-7 days wait.

I got home, and at 8:45 PM (3/18) service is still another week away from being turned up and I already burned more than 8 hours on the phone , still no service.  The email says now the service is up, the bill si $33.

No service but bill is due? wow  that is a new level of service


U-Worse...You are worse...



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Re: Bill notification BEFORE service start...that's how you make money?

Call Sales and tell them of the error; ask for the charges to be removed.


Unfortunately, it's been my observation that the various departments have a lack of communication...amongst themselves. Smiley Sad

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Re: Bill notification BEFORE service start...that's how you make money?

You can also contact David by clicking the hyperlink in my sig.  You will be taken to his contact info.  Shoot him an email with your info and he or a member of his staff will be in touch with you.  He is a tier 2 tech who has helped lots of people with varying issues.  Including getting the service.

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