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Best way to upgrade service?


Best way to upgrade service?

First time post - hopefully the issue will be clear where I need some help.


Have 6.0 service, thinking about upgrading to either 10 or 18.  Have uverse TV as well  Currently have 2 laptops and one desktop all wireless to the RG.  (Nothing connected to the RG direct).


Would it be better to get an extra router to connect to the RG via USB, or upgrade the speed to improve service?   If so, what type?  None of the laptops are rated for 'n'. I also found out that the kid likes to use bit torrent sometimes, I'm sure that slows down the rest of the family as well.  Sometime the TV connection appears to fade a bit as well, not sure if that is related or not.


If I did go with the extra router, can someone give me a link on prior threads on how to set up / change  the wireless connections on the existing units?


Thanks for all of the help,

so_cal Jeff

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Re: Best way to upgrade service?

Make sure the kid's bittorrent program is set to only 1,000 connections max, and limit his upload speed to under 40-60kbps.  You do those two things and I doubt you'd need the higher speed.  That is unless the rest of the household is streaming movies from the net or downloading files constantly.
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Re: Best way to upgrade service?

Probably depends on your traffic. If you have a lot of internal LAN traffic then moving this to a seperate network would pull this off the RG. However, if all of the traffic is WAN then it wouls still have to go through the RG. I segregate mine just because I get better wireless using my Linksys than the 2Wire. I also upgraded to Elite since my kids do a lot of gaming and it was dragging down my connection.
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Re: Best way to upgrade service?

FYI - It has been mentioned in previous posts that if you change your service you may lose your rebate and/or promotional rate.  I'm not sure how long you've had service, but it might be worth checking into before up upgrade.


- Steve

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