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Basement Cable Was Severed


Basement Cable Was Severed

Prior to having U-Verse, we had Charter cable. Through that service, we had 3 boxes: two in bedrooms and one in the living area. We had basic cable (no box or fancy channels) in the basement. As far as I'm aware, we didn't have to pay anything extra for the basement cable - it came with the cable package.
When we switched to AT&T and had U-Verse installed, we told them we didn't want a box in the basement, but we did want basic cable. However, when the installation was said and done, we had a severed cable line to the basement and it no longer works. Why would they do this? Does U-Verse charge more for a simple basic cable line (pre-existing), or because we didn't want a fourth box, to punish us? Or, has the digital change up made it impossible to have simple basic cable? We were given what I assume is a converter box, not a digital cable box but a weird antenna set up with coax attachments on the back, which confused me, considering they had cut the line to that connection.

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Re: Basement Cable Was Severed

U-Verse does not have the capability to deliver "basic cable".  In any location that you want the U-Verse service, you must have a U-Verse box.


If you do not have a box in the basement, then the only way you would get any reception there is with an antenna feed.


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