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Audio out of sync by a second or so.


Audio out of sync by a second or so.

Last night while watching Desperate Housewives (ABC - Channel 1007 HD) on my DVR, the audio was off by a second or so.  Then I checked Brothers & Sisters (ABC - Channel 1007 HD) and the sync was off from that show also.


I tried restarting, rewinding, and fast didn't help. 


I have a Samsung 46" LED (UN46B7100).  It's attached to the DVR via HDMI.  I also have the Samsung speaker bar which is connected to the TV via Optical Audio (I think that's what it's called).


Any suggestions?  Has anyone found a solution?


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Re: Audio out of sync by a second or so.

Many have suggested that this problem is network related and not a problem with U-Verse. 


Do a search on "audio sync" and see what others have already asked and said.

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Re: Audio out of sync by a second or so.

I did notice that yesterday seemed to one of the worst days that I have seen with this issue.  I was watching the NASCAR race and it was horrible.  Of course it was on our local ABC station KSAT.  I seem to notice that the sync issues happen on local channels more than the national channels. 


Not sure there is a fix since I just chalk it up to the locals.

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Re: Audio out of sync by a second or so.

I figured it out.


First the setup.


One DVR hooked up with HDMI.  Two STB hooked up with HDMI.


When watching the recorded show on the STB's, no problem with sync.


When watching the recorded show on the DVR, sync is off.


I switched the cable to component...not problem with sync.


So, I guess I cannot use an HDMI cable with the DVR box.  Hopefully there is a fix for this.  For now, it's fine though.



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Re: Audio out of sync by a second or so.

I have seen sync issues with recorded and live tv programs.  I have seen really bad audio/video sync issues with DTV and Comcast over the past few days.  This issue is not exclusive to any one provider.
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Re: Audio out of sync by a second or so.

I am using HDMI on my DVR, and I do have the slight synching problem, but I had it with component as well, so I'm glad that worked for you.  I could be wrong, but so far I'm blaming our local channels, and especially ABC, because that's where I see the problems for the most part.  I still get a much better picture and sound with my OTA antenna for locals, but it makes my Wife mad because she does well to know how to turn the TV on, let alone having to switch from antenna back to UV.
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Re: Audio out of sync by a second or so.

At this point I cannot blame ABC.  The sync is out if I use any HDMI cable.  I tried two spare ones.  As soon as I hooked up component, the sync problem went away.  


When I had the hdmi cable hooked up, there was a pause in the audio when I would hit play after pausing  the show.  When I hit play, the video would start immediately, but it would take 1-2 seconds for the sound to start.  But, with the component, the video and audio started immediately when pressing play.  I don't understand it because I don't have this problem with the non-DVR STB's hooked up via hdmi.  I press pause, then play and the video and audio start immediately.  Weird...


I guess I just don't understand enough about it. 

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Re: Audio out of sync by a second or so.

Sounds like you have described two different situations: One where the audio is out of sync with the mouth movements, another where the audio doesn't start right away.


If you are happy with your solution then fine.  I don't think your solution is going to help very many others with mouth movement sync problems but if it does then fine again.

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Re: Audio out of sync by a second or so.

Component comes out squashed instead of 16:9 ratio

If I then  correct it by selecting "Zoom1" for Component, then the picture is OK but the menu is stretched top to bottom

For now its a work in progress

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Re: Audio out of sync by a second or so.

Did you try hdmi for dvr to tv, and optical for audio directly to the soundbar - not through the tv - then the HDMI is not passing the audio - just a thought.  I have my hdmi to the tv, and optical to my receiver directly.  When I had optical from the TV to the receiver I had audio sync problems. I have a Sony TV.

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