Audio dropout problem -- NOT 5.1 related


Audio dropout problem -- NOT 5.1 related

While watching the NBA game between the Lakers and Celtics last night, we experienced constant audio dropouts.  It seemed to exactly match the description that many on this forum have complained about with their 5.1 audio systems.  However, unfortunately we have no such system and were just using the speakers in our TV (Vizio 47" LED) which until now has performed perfectly.  Today, everything seemed to work properly.


Anyone else have these problems or is this probably some sort of problem with my installation.


Thanks for any suggestions.

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Re: Audio dropout problem -- NOT 5.1 related

psbecker if the problem was temporary it may have been the feed from the local station on either the station's end or the at&t's end. Someone else may have a better reason. I have noticed the problem on live feeds on another vendor.

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Re: Audio dropout problem -- NOT 5.1 related

The audio dropout problems with U Verse have been occurring for many months and are still unresolved...usually occcurring on 5.1 channels.  I attempted to watch Treasure of the Sierra Madre tonight in high def and the dropouts were very frequent.

Just where is ATT's technical team on this?  We are paying an extra fee every month for high definition.


And more 'we're working on this' answers, ATT. You've been working on it for months.  Where is the solution??

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Re: Audio dropout problem -- NOT 5.1 related

Having the same issue with my DVR STB.  I normally watch just through the TV speakers but watch sports and movies on 5.1.  Either way, the audio drop offs are very noticeable and every few minutes.

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Re: Audio dropout problem -- NOT 5.1 related

Actually, an ATT Engineer is in this Forum requesting direct info from users. Smiley Wink


Post Feedback Here

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Re: Audio dropout problem -- NOT 5.1 related

I just posted there but this thread I think is for non 5.1 surround setup.  My audio drops out via just stereo via HDMI cable as well.

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