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Audio Sync & Line Errors

Audio Sync & Line Errors

I just got UVerse installed on 12/20, and for the most part, like it so far. My primary concern so far is that audio sync seems to be fairly bad at times. The sync seems to be off a little a lot of the time, but sometimes it gets bad (almost a second off). I've noticed it to a degree on my SD TV, where the DVR is connected, as well as my second TV, which is a 52" DLP that is connected to the U-Verse box via HDMI, and the audio is connected to my stereo via optical. I thought the Audio sync issues had been fixed?


The other concern is the errors on my line. According to the tech that did the install (A very nice guy named David), I'm at 3300' from the VRAD (although UVRT says est distance is 2800), and as such, am set up with an INID and pair bonding; Inside the house is all Gig Certified Cat5e running through managd 3Com Gig Switches. All UVerse traffic is isolated to it's own VLan. Monday night, a few hours after we completed the install, I checked the stats, and noticed retrains, uncorrectable blocks, etc, so I reset stats figuring they where probably related to the install. Since then, I've gotten more Link retrains and other errors. Is there an "accepted error margin", or should there really be no hard errors on the line?


One question about Pair bonding; I've read people saying it sucks, it's unreliable, it's untested, it shouldn't be used, etc etc. What's the big deal with it? The same basic procedure has beed used for years on T1's. Although the hardware on each end is different, overall, the concept is pretty much the same.



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Re: Audio Sync & Line Errors

Post the IP/Profile, Bitloading, and Error Table tabs and let's see what things look like.


Post the aggregate stats, line 1 stats, and line 2 stats for each tab.


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Re: Audio Sync & Line Errors

Here they are. Thanks!



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Re: Audio Sync & Line Errors

Looks like most of your link retrains and other severe errors were about 3 days ago, not much has happened since then.  I think your line(s) are probably OK.


There is an odd thing though ... iNID lines are supposed to be provisioned for use of the Upstream 0 band, which yours are, but your lines are also allocating bits in the Upstream 1 band, which is unusual.  It may be because you're closer than normal for an iNID installation.


The audio sync is not a line issue.  I would try a hard reboot of your DVR & STBs (pull the plug, wait 10 seconds, plug it back in) and see if that problem resolves.


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Re: Audio Sync & Line Errors

Thanks, I'll try that and see what happens. If it doesn't fix it, any thoughts?


On a different subject, is it tier 2 that I need to contact to get outbound SMTP unblocked?

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Re: Audio Sync & Line Errors

Tier 1 is supposed to be able to unblock outbound port 25 for you, although many of the tier 1 techs do not know anything about it and will attempt to send you over to ConnectTech (the paid service).  If you get a tier 1 tech who tries to do that, just hang up and call back until you get one who knows what you want.


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Re: Audio Sync & Line Errors

Well, U-Verse was working mostly fine until Thursday night. Called in to get Port 25 unblocked, and commented about the retrains (asked if there's an "acceptable margin") and mentioned that the night before, I was watching an OnDemand show and had problems with it pixelating and dropping out. Well, the woman at ATT monkied with the line, said she "condensed the signal", at which point everything went down, and stayed down even after she put all settings back the way they where. The UV tech they sent out was ok, not as friendly as Dave, the tech that did the install, but I think it's because this guy was "green". He found that he couldn't get sync on line 2 at the iNID or at the pedastal. Then sent a line tech out. Very friendly guy, determined that my buried line (the blue pair, actually) wasn't quite good enough for UV, ran a replacement arial, still couldn't get sync. Moved to a new port at the VRAD and everything came back. The really odd part about that, though, was the night before, he ran a piece of Cat5 from the ped, across the street to my iNID and everything came up solid.


The good news is in the 30 hours since it was restored, I only have corrected blocks in the stats (line 1 shows about 2.5x more than Line2), nothing else. We'll see of that holds Smiley Happy.

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Re: Audio Sync & Line Errors

Has there been anymore pixelation since the last post?

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