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Attaching wireless router to Motorola 2210

Attaching wireless router to Motorola 2210

I've been a U-Verse customer since late April.  When my service was activated I was sent a Motorola 2210 modem.  When I called to see why I had been sent a modem without wireless, I was told that the other version was out of stock until early July, and I should just go out and buy my own wireless router.  Just picked up a "Belkin Play" router from Best Buy, and I can't figure out how to get internet working.


My girlfriend and I both have Macs.  I hook up the router, and airport detects the signal.  I enter the WPA/WPA2 info.  It looks like I'm connected to the internet (airport shows connection to the network), but I can't transmit any data.  Hooking one laptop up to the Motorola via ethernet cable works fine, as does setting the router to "access point" mode - although for some reason only one laptop at a time can connect to the network when the router is set this way (you get an error that the IP address is already in use by a different computer).


I called tech support last night and was on the phone for a couple hours.  At the end of the call the tech advised me to contact the sales department and ask them to send me the 2Wire modem with wireless.  I thought I'd search around to see if anyone else has had a similar problem online, but I'm not computer savvy enough to understand the discussions going on out there.  I've seen suggestions to set the modem in "bridge" mode, change IP addresses, use public IPs, etc., and I don't really see how to do any of it on the modem's settings page (


Can anyone tell me how to get this working, or is the tech correct that it is impossible?

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Re: Attaching wireless router to Motorola 2210

Hello, I just signed up for u-verse service, (confusing as I got DSL) and I got a newer version of the Motorola 2210.

I have a belkin router hooked up, and I have service. But when I try to forward a port, the modem causes problems.

If only I would have just bought a thrid party modem where I could establish a PPPoE connection through the router..


With this version of the motorola 2210, there is no configuation interface that I can find that would allow for bridged mode, which is what I need.  Is anyone running this modem? Is there a hidden interface I can use? eg  


The best thing is that I singed up for this service with no equipment ordered, the order was put on hold and I was told I needed this modem.  Big mistake, I don't need it, and it's a waste of money afaik. I'm glad sales/support knows what they are talking about. Smiley Happy

Thanks for any help/

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Re: Attaching wireless router to Motorola 2210

If you are changing from DSL to UVerse you will need a new UVerse RG (Remote Gateway).  The RG is your modem for UVerse.  Your DSL modem will not work with UVerse

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Re: Attaching wireless router to Motorola 2210

One thing we will need to watch out for:


I understand that AT&T is branding their new ADSL2+ service as U-verse, where it actually has nothing to do with U-verse as we know it.  I believe that's what we have here.



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Re: Attaching wireless router to Motorola 2210

Hi, yes I believe I have the new ADSL2 service. I have a Motorola 2210-02-1ATT.  I blelieve it may also be known as "2210-02-1002" Basically, I am having trouble forwarding a port. I think I need to set the modem to bridge mode, as you can with similar 2210 modems, but there is not that option.  There is only an option for "Yes, use public IP address or No, use private IP address.  I tried the option use public address, but there seem to be some gateway issues between my router and the modem.  I believe the modem has some sort of DHCP mode.

thanks for any help,


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