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Access points will not identify network


Access points will not identify network

Our Uverse was installed today. I have 2 laptops and an iPhone that have connected with no problems with the RG. I have a Linksys access point that I am trying to connect my desktop to the RG. All connected with no problems with my Linksys wireless router before the install.


The Linksys router is unplugged.


When I try to connect with the access point, the desktop computer states that it cannot identify the network. Signal strength is excellent in the room. I also tried the access point with my laptop, same problem. The wireless installed in the laptop has no problems connecting.


Any suggestions as to what to try. I have reconfigured the access point several times.







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Re: Access points will not identify network

Follow these instructions from Computer Joe on how to add a router to Uverse and you can set-up

everything w/Linsys router as it was before:


Good luck :smileywink:



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Re: Access points will not identify network

Thanks for the info. I had already looked at that post and it was going to be my next step. For the time being I just ran a cat 5 on the ground outside the house to get the set up in my office running. I have a 4 port hub in the office.


I think I will do the my own router when I upgrade to "N".  



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Re: Access points will not identify network









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