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About Returning Modem


About Returning Modem



I return my defective IP DSLAM gateway today using the return label found in the box to ATT.


There is no way for me to find out when or if ATT received the package.


Is there a way for me to know that ATT credit my account by acknowledging they received the defective item and that I currently only possess one gateway and NOT two?





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Re: About Returning Modem

Are you actually on U-verse, or AT&T DSL?


Whenever you use one of those return labels, make a copy or write down the tracking number from the label.  That is your protection if they claim it wasn't returned.  


At this point I'd suggest you simply call AT&T and ask them what the status is.  

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Re: About Returning Modem

I wish I made a copy before I send it.


Thanks for you response.



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Re: About Returning Modem

Uverse now offers internet only for people that are too far for tv service

its called IPDSLAM - the modem is very similar to the residential gateway

it runs off the vrad just like uverse


i believe all att hsia will eventually go to this

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