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ATT to provide tv on xbox on oct 15th?


ATT to provide tv on xbox on oct 15th?

Questions about it what are the requirements that are needed for new customers? Also I use cox cable my brother works for them so we can't switch to AT&T ISP but I want the TV part how dose that go?

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Re: ATT to provide tv on xbox on oct 15th?

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Re: ATT to provide tv on xbox on oct 15th?

My experience so far has not been stellar. To Avoid the $150.00 activation fee since we were an existing customer, we changed the name on the account. In the process we are going to save $500 over the next twelve months, and that is after the $100.00 installation charge for the Xbox (New Customer). 


Others may have posted the same things as I note below, but I really did not want to gleen over pages of posts. 


Firstly, the Xbox Kit is such BS. My home is wired with Ethernet due to a recent remodel. So everything ends up in a wire box with 2 ethernet switches and the Uverse router. No TV is connected via Coax, CAT-5 all throughout.


*Uverse Customer Service is not familiar with the Xbox set up at all. I was almost charged a box rental fee until I pointed out that I own the equipment.  On top of that, the guy told me I would have to go buy a wireless adapter for my xbox. Which was not true if you already have it connected via ethernet.


*The only thing needed out of the Xbox kit was the disk. Nothing more. No switch. No remote.

-In addition to this, the installation guy said he doesn't even carry the remotes and the switches are only for when needed.  I'm interested to see if this installation charge shows up on my bill. 


*You are limited to one xbox per household. I have the disc and decided to try on a second console anyways. It connect to the Uverse service but a error pops up saying that your box is not authorized and tells you to call customer service. 


*Where the Uverse Tile is placed on the Xbox Dashboard is not logical at all.  It is to the almost far right of the "My Xbox" menu.  One would think they would give it a slot of its own or place it under "Video" next to Netflix and Zune. 


**My biggest complaint is just the utter greed of AT&T and the installation fee they have that is noted as "required" when in fact it is not.  I can maybe...big maybe..Understand if a switch is needed. (Coax to Ethernet)  But if you have a set up like I do and all that is required is 1 single disc (That should have been downloadable to being with.) the fee is completely ridiculous; especially after finding out you are limited to one console. 



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