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ATT to limit internet usage


ATT to limit internet usage

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Re: ATT to limit internet usage

caliuser wrote:

Tell your freind to download bitmeter here.  It's free and works well for me. I don't like caps but if I have to live with them I would rather have Comcast 250 gigs then the 150 ATT is proposing.

Yep, he already has a monitoring utility...the problem with many of the monitoring utilities loaded for home use, if you have multiple systems, many do not combine the usage at the "router level" but only offer individual stats...and others that try, may not be accurate...OR how is their any way of knowing it even matches what Comcast is logging.


Though I think any kind of cap near that 150gb mark is far too low, at least it looks like AT&T is considering an upcharge for usage above that...IF caps are going to be a norm for about any provider, cutting people off is not an option, the provider needs to have a model allowing for overages (though I will always look for an open/uncapped option if I can find one.)

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Re: ATT to limit internet usage

I have Express internet and while I do not do online roll playing games or video conferencing, I have no problems watching streming video when I have wanted or to email/upload files etc.


Like someone said, just takes a bit longer and I can wait if need be. I'm just not willing to pay $30 or $40 a month more to gain a minute!

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