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ATT rep DMZ'd my personal computer without asking?


ATT rep DMZ'd my personal computer without asking?

I called ATT Uverse technical support to find out where the ALG (application level gateway) setting in the RG (residential gateway) went after the firmware upgrade earlier this year.  Previously, it could be found under , but that area is now gone, replaced by the new interface.


I mentioned that I had a VOIP hardphone that worked and was trying to setup a softphone.  The software wasn't connecting to the SIP server and I wanted to know if the rep could help me locate the ALG settings in the RG.  The rep keyed in on a single idea, that I had a third party VOIP phone, and I needed to pay for ConnectTech support.  Once I convinced him that I didn't need support for the phone, just needed him to tel me where the ALG setting in the RG was, I asked him to transfer me to Tier 2.


He placed me on hold for 15 minutes, then returned to tell me that Tier 2 had told him I would need to call ConnectTech for support with third party devices.  It was obvious that he either didn't call Tier 2, or had told them the incorrect reason for my call to tech support.  I asked to speak to his supervisor and was placed on hold for 20 minutes.


When he returned, he told me he had "turned off the residential gateway's security features.  Can you please try using your VOIP phone now?"  I quickly logged in to the RG and saw that he had DMZ'd my personal computer.  I never gave him permission to access the RG or to DMZ my compuer.  Since I don't run a software firewall, this is a huge security problem.  When I started to explain to him how serious this was, he started snickering at me.


I asked to speak to his supervisor and told him he was not allowed to make changes to the RG.  He placed me on hold again.  When he returned, he informed me that he was having technical difficults and could not transfer me to his supervisor.  When I asked to speak with consumer affairs, he told me the only way to file a complaint was with his supervisor.


Call took me 50 minutes and got nothing accomplished.


tl;dr Called tech support to find out where ALG settings were in the RG.  Tier 1 rep refused to transfer me to tier 2 or supervisor.  Thought it was funny that he dmz'd my personal computer.

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Re: ATT rep DMZ'd my personal computer without asking?

The former MDC commands have (mostly) been incorporated into the same URL, sans the mdc:


I don't know what ATTs protocol is for accessing our settings, but am sure they are supposed to ask for your permission.


That type of behavior is very unprofessional!


You didn't happen to get his employee #/ID or name, did you?



BTW--ConnecTech is ATTs for-pay TS--I recommend you come here and ask/get your issue resolved (correctly) for free. Smiley Wink

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Re: ATT rep DMZ'd my personal computer without asking?

I do have his and his supervisor's ID.  Didn't want to post them, but will provide them to ATT employee's if they are willing to file a complaint for me.


Ya, the rep really wanted to sell me on ConnectTech.  I'm aware it's a pay service, and found it sad that instead of the rep knowning what ALG is and what I was asking for, he just tried to pawn me off on ConnectTech.

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Re: ATT rep DMZ'd my personal computer without asking?

Don't know if this is the page you were looking for:

To save any changes, it will prompt for the password on the RG sticker.  Good luck Smiley Wink



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Re: ATT rep DMZ'd my personal computer without asking?

These are the type employees which degrade a company, and they need to be fired on the spot.

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