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AT&T 3G MicroCell & Uverse


AT&T 3G MicroCell & Uverse



I am not sure if this topic has been posted - I could not find topic based on search - but I was wondering if anyone has heard whether AT&T will be up-dating their gateway/router to act like their AT&T 3G MicroCell?


It makes all the sense in the world to do this & it does NOT make sense that AT&T ask their Wireless customers to spend another $150 to purchase the MicroCell.


Am I the only one thinking this?  Please let me know what you think and how do we give this feedback to AT&T?

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Re: AT&T 3G MicroCell & Uverse

a great idea to be sure! 

I think the reason they don't do this now is because its a VERY small niche of customers who can actually GET U-Verse, but CANNOT get a great signal from the AT&T network.  

You know?   possibly a future enhancement?

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