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AT&T 2WIRE Router Signal Quality Problems


AT&T 2WIRE Router Signal Quality Problems



I'm encountering a reoccurring issue with my 2WIRE 3800HGV-B modem/router provided by AT&T where all devices connected experience poor signal quality and where the signal quality fluctuates from bad to terrible to no connection at all on a daily basis. Lately it seems to be getting worse. However any computer connected via Ethernet works fine. 


AT&T's already replaced this modem/router once before but that hasn't helped the issue. 


Over time I've noticed there are areas in the house where the signal is better and worse. Certain rooms (unfortunately the one where my office is) receives very poor signal quality causing my computers to drop their connection constantly while the room next to me just a few feet away has marginally better signal quality (to the point where it doesn't drop the connection).


Outside of having AT&T replace it once again, are there any other options? Is this a defective type of router? Could there be something in the house causing signal strength to vary so drastically, or perhaps I can upgrade to a better router or even some sort of signal booster?


Any help is most appreciated.

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Re: AT&T 2WIRE Router Signal Quality Problems

I assume you are talking about wireless connectivity problems here.


Click the link in my signature below that says "Wireless Interference" for some procedures to troubleshoot wireless connectivity.


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