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3rd box in 6 months


3rd box in 6 months

I had to schedule an appointment to have my box replaced.  This will be the 3rd box in 6 months.  That is unacceptable.  When Comcast comes out with a whole house DVR in my area I will be switching providers. 

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Re: 3rd box in 6 months

You may want to first check the wiring/electrical service in your house, particularly the outlets where the boxes have gone bad. Agree, replacing 3 boxes is unacceptable, but if you are having ground problems in your outlet(s) the equipment will fail prematurely.


You can buy an inexpensive tester (under $10) at any Lowes, Home Depot, local Hwd, etc..


Also check the NID (gray phone box on side of house) and make sure there is a ground wire going from the box to a grounding rod.


Good luck.


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