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3HD Feeds

Good morning.  I am a new customer to U-Verse.  Just one day into service and everything is going good so far.  When my service was installed yesterday I asked the tech which profile I was going to be on.  He said 32/5.  He said I would get 3HD feeds.  My WAN profile is set to 3HD/1SD, but my ingress is not.  My question is how do I get my ingress changed from 2HD/2SD to 3D/1SD?  Thanks for your help.

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Re: 3HD Feeds

Just got the 1SD/3HD WAN Profile in Santa Clarita (Los Angeles Area) this morning.  The Ingress is still 2SD/2HD though. This definitely helps in that I can now watch a 3rd HD channel while 2 others are taping. Hopefully they'll change the Ingress profile in the future. That will definitely be a big plus.

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