3800HGV-B and loopback


3800HGV-B and loopback

I run an http server, an ftp server and an https server on my network. Switching to at&t U-verse High Speed Internet from regular DSL has broken my ability to seamlessly  access my servers from my web pages using my Public IP address from within my own network since the 2WIRE 3800HGV-B does not appear to currently support NAT Loopback.


2WIRE tech support's response was simply that they have no control over what services at&t provides.


at&t's response was that as long as I can access the internet they have no further obligation. Although they do handle home networking. 




1). Is the lack of NAT loopback on the 2WIRE 3800HGV-B an issue that at&t can remedy with a mere software update to the modem?


2). Would a second router such as the WRT320N in DMZplus mode behind the 3800HGV-B solve the loopback issue.

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Re: 3800HGV-B and loopback

It's being rolled out in stages, so you will just need to wait, I think.


If you're really eager you can try contacting the Level 2 support people here, I guess.

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Re: 3800HGV-B and loopback

I wokeup this morning to find email on my iPhone...  huh?  my router was upgraded and LOOPBACK WORKS! 


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