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3800HGV-B and Range Extender Help!


3800HGV-B and Range Extender Help!

Problem: I have one area of my home that does not get an adequate wireless signal.  I have the 2wire 3800hgv-b router and have tried using a Hawking HWREN1 Hi-Gain Wireless 300N Range Extender to get a better signal.  This did not work.  I purchased a Netgear Universal WiFi Range Extender (WN2000RPT) and this did not work either.  In both instances, I could not stay "connected" to the internet.  Staying connected to the range extender was no problem.  I worked with technical support for both companies and they said their device does not work with the 2wire 3800hgv-b, but did not seem to know what does work with the product.  I have contacted AT&T technical support and all the could suggest was trying different wireless channels which did not work.


In addition, I have attempted to use a power line adapter as well but my power in the area where I need the wireless connection is on a different circuit.  Moving the router is not an option either.


1) Does anyone know if the Airport Express will work with the 3800hgv-b router?

2) or any other range extender that is compatible with the AT&T U-verse provided router?



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Re: 3800HGV-B and Range Extender Help!

I would suggest skipping the range extenders, turn off the wireless in the RG, get a decent access point and locate it centrally in your home and hard wire it to the RG.







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Re: 3800HGV-B and Range Extender Help!

I second Computer-Joes solution.  One other wrinkle could be ...


add two additional wireless products from the same vendor - that play nice together (2 Dlink, 2 Linksys, 2 Netgear, or 2 Apples) running a wire to the first (Joe's suggestion again ...) and use the range extension feature to configure the 2nd ....


Either of those two plays should allow you to hit your dead spot.

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Re: 3800HGV-B and Range Extender Help!

FWIW your Hawking extender should work fine as long as whatever devices you connect to through it are not using DHCP.


I've noticed that my Windows 7 laptop would connect to the hwren1, obtain an IP fine via DHCP, but could not reach the internet, only the LAN. Hardcoding the very same IP on the Windows 7 laptop -- works perfectly.


It's weird, and sort of a pain if your mobile with your laptop as you'll need to switch back to DHCP when you leave the hosue, but it works.

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