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3800HGV-B Port forwarding


3800HGV-B Port forwarding

Hello everybody, first of all let me say I know this topic has been already discussed several times but still I can't figure out how to forward selected ports on this router.

I'm pretty sure all my settings are correct, even enabling DMZ+ mode I still wouldn't be able to open ports even though in the "Firewall summary" page I get an "All" in the "Allowed applications" colum.


I'm getting really frustrated, any hint?



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Re: 3800HGV-B Port forwarding

To make things even more confusing... I forwarded port 1723 on the Linksys router for VPN.  I went to an online port checker, and 1723 is OPEN!  3389 is still closed.  How can one port forward properly but another does not?
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Re: 3800HGV-B Port forwarding

Go to this page on your router to confirm that you don't accidentaly have 3389 assigned to another client instead of the DMZplus device. The DMZplus device only gets ports that not already mapped by the Firewall in the RG.



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Re: 3800HGV-B Port forwarding

Strange...  My DMZ'd router is the only item in the custom firewall list with "All" allowed applications and (all) port numbers...  Any other thoughts?  Thanks..


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