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30kb upload speed 3 week without fix!


30kb upload speed 3 week without fix!

Note: The issues exist both wired and wireless there are no issues with EMI or advanced configurations done on my side for my home network it is a complete stock config

I'm running windows vista,XP, and OS X


On January 26th I noticed i was unable to send email or upload photos the connection was timing out. I ran a speed test on speakeasy.com and found out my speeds were 9600/30kb only 30kb upload? thats terrible so I reset the RG and waiting and retested the speed (still the same). I then unplugged the RG and waited about 20 minutes speed was still 20-100kb now i was frustrated called customer service and got a really nice lady that tried to help me for about 2 hours we went through test after test and she kept telling me "I dont understand the test is coming back 100%" Finally after she logged in to the RG to pull a data report she finally confirmed the connection was terribly slow. So she opted to have a tech come out run a test and if problems occured just replace the RG


the tech came out on time and ran a test was kinda of stumped on the problem and could'nt figure out why the download speed was fine but the upload speed was way slow. Replaced the RG and it wouldnt connect at all the RG wouldnt download the new update it wouldnt even connect with the techs own laptop now he was getting frustrated. So he placed it a third time and finally it work however still slow 20kb-100kb he left of course and didnt fix the problem just left it for someone else.. however left a business card with a number (called him without any returns great service right?) he also assured that a new tech would check the line from the street to the VRAD to fix any issues we might have a retest the speed(we didnt need to be home for this). the new tech called and said he checked the line it was fine and said "YOU SHOULDNT HAVE BAD PICTURE ANYMORE" What?!! do techs even talk to one another he didnt even know what he was there to fix! (No line fixed no Fiber card replaced)


Called customer service a second time spent another 1:30 mins on the phone i was transfered to tier 2 and ran additional test told them yet again it was not a RG problem as its been replaced 3 times. they sent out another tech to replace the fiber card and/or issue a port swap... Tech called and said he was unable to port swap or replace the fiber card because thats done by INI techs...Okay then why was he sent out to do a job that he doesnt do? Told me he would creat a ticket for INI to come out (he never did of course).


Another hour spent with customer service dealing with tier 2 yet again.. Finally the guy talked to dispatch to send out a INI tech the same day within the next two hours of my call this was about 11:00am I got home at 5:30 from work tested the speed again and it was 80kb a second NO FIX YET AGAIN!


Its been over 23 days with no solution and the same run around hassel when will this be fixed? Why wont they send out a supervisor and fix the issue?

4 hours 30 mins spent on the customer service line

4 or 5 techs have been called to fix the issue with no solution


Whats the next step help me out please!

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Re: 30kb upload speed 3 week without fix!

There is an AT&T employee named David that handles special issues regarding U-Verse. He is able to sometimes go through different channels to get things done.



Update: As of late what the powers that help me would like to see would be an attempt to contact the 1-800-288-2020 line before engaging us. Please give this an attempt before e-mailing us. If they do not respond please include any ticket numbers, and times you called the phone number (-2020) and what they did. This will make our case for opening tickets against them stronger. Thanks David

David is an AT&T technician who frequently visits this site in order to help people. He is very credible and has helped many people here. If you are having a problem with your U-verse system and AT&T is giving you a hard time resolving the problem, then you should contact David. He will be able to help get things moving for you. There are two ways to contact David:

Prequalifications and address checks:
Please provide the following:
  1. Complete postal mailing address of the location to get uverse
  2. Any immediate neighbors that have service or that prequalified on the att.com website
  3. Who would I be contacting once it’s established you can or cannot get service
  4. Contact numbers or addresses (e-mail) to reach you at.
Gather all the above and mail it to: attdslreports-uverseprequal@yahoo.com

TROUBLES w/Uverse or install problems
1.) Via email. attdslreports-uverse@yahoo.com When you send the email, be sure to include as much of the following information:
  • Account Number
  • Link to your uverse topic
  • Notes on the attempt to contact the 1-800-288-2020
  • posting ID or username
  • Address or location
  • Who the tech or support person would be contacting
  • Main contact number
  • Alternate contact number
  • A detailed description of the problem.

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Re: 30kb upload speed 3 week without fix!

Have any of the techs sort of taken a time out to check the obvious?  Is the RG sync'ing up and claiming to get a good 2048 upstream bandwidth connection?  Have you gone around and made certain all background services are turned off merely for the purpose of testing?  Make certain your TV set top boxes are all turned off.


I would think a part of the trouble shooting is to isolate and figure out whether the RG is sync'ing properly with the upstream VRAD.  Look on the stats page on your RG.  Are you getting reasonable looking statistics with respect to errors?  Especially look at the IP data.  are you getting lots of IP packet errors reported?  Are you getting a huge number of DSL uncorrected blocks?


Honestly, the issue you describe, if the RG and AT&T equipment check out okay (and your TV service works fine) - could be a very simple malware infestation on one of the PC's on your LAN which is trying to blast outbound traffic as fast as it can - choking back the available bandwidth for your other machines - aka the one you are using to run your speed test.  Your outbound traffic from your LAN is typically throttled at the RG or the next bump on the line to somewhere less than 1 Mbps.


If your TV is working fine - I would be looking more closely at your computer network setup. How are your computers connected to the RG?  Do you have another switch or router involved, or are you directly plugged from each PC into the RG's ethernet ports.  Is the NIC in question on your PC sync'ing full duplex at 100 Mbps?


If nothing is 'supposed' to be happening - like your PCs are sitting idle online, look at data activity light on the RG - is it going crazy blinking fast?  I would look around a bit - be creative.  It sounds like you definitely have something strange going on - but if your IPTV is functioning - I'd bet that the ATT equipment is not the issue.



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