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3 HD streams today. . . I think.


3 HD streams today. . . I think.






 I've been interested in adding the Premier HD Pkg so I called CS and checked into a 3rd HD stream to go with it. Yes we can add that today. You have the extra bandwidth, not a problem. Just give it a "couple" minutes and restart your primary (DVR) receiver. No need to restart your RG.


Did all of that. Still no 3rd stream showing up in my Sys Resources. I tried to record 2 HD shows while watching a 3rd. No go. I have 1 HD & 1 SD TV. The only way (?)  I can test for 3 HD streams.


After restarting everything with an AT&T symbol, called CS back. CS said everything here looks fine. Showing 3 streams on their equipment. Transfer to Tech Support. Same thing showing there. 


Here's how it ended up per Tech Support:


I have 3 streams, it just doesn't show it on my end.


It will update on my equipment to show the 3rd stream "... the next time it updates".


The DVR cannot record 2 HD streams simultaneously due to limitations.

( I told tech guy I was recording 2 channels HD while we spoke. Tried to watch a 3rd live HD and could not.)


I just question the DVR limitation thing. I guess I'm not sure on the combination of live / record possibilities of 3 HD streams.


I'm in the Madison, WI. Market. Janesville to be precise. If you live around here give 'em a call! CS said it "popped up right away" as available.

By the way, the Premium HD Tier is working fine!

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Re: 3 HD streams today. . . I think.

Recently my Wan profile change from 1/3 to 2/2 which I discovered while recording and trying to watch HD programs on other TVs. I called to complain and they apologized and said I was eligibile for the 4 HD profile. After rebooting the STB this is what it shows:


Wan profile: 0 sd/4hd; Max bandwidth 39600000

Ingress 1/3 Ingress bandwidth 32700000

Egress 1/2



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Re: 3 HD streams today. . . I think.

Did you test it yet? :smileyhappy:

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Re: 3 HD streams today. . . I think.


@MarcL wrote:


@chrisw wrote:


@MarcL wrote:

Thanks for the responses.  It seems like something they need to fix, as FTTP should have no problem supporting the 32/5 profile and thereby allowing the 3 HD streams or the Max Turbo (24/3).

I have FTTP and got the 1SD/3HD profile today. I thought this day would never come, as seeing regular copper users in the same area had it for the longest time. I restarted my STB today, not sure if that caused the new profile (I noticed it just now.) Did the new profile get pushed out to you as well?


I just rebooted RG and DVR and still no 3HD.  Must be rolling it out city by city.  Where are you ChrisW?  I am in Chicago suburbs.  I am excited to hear other FTTP folks are getting upgraded though.  I will keep waiting and rebooting every week or so. 



After weeks of no upgrade to 3HD I finally emailed tier II CS asking if 3HD was available for FTTP and got following email back.


 "I went one step further and provided you with the 4HD/0SD, please reboot all your receivers and check to make sure you have the new programming".


Rebooted and have 4HD on all receivers now.


Awsome customer service from the Social Media Support Team.  Thanks Guys.


If you have FTTP and are still on 2SD/2HD profile, call or email to get upgraded.

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Re: 3 HD streams today. . . I think.

Good deal!  Ask and you shall receive? Smiley Wink  Thanks for the report from the FTTP side.

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