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2wire homeportal help?


2wire homeportal help?

I have seen several forums but have yat to solve my problem. I recently purchased a used AT&T 2701HG-B on Ebay. It works fine with my existing service through Yahoo DSL, but I cannot access my homeportal. I have tried several things, but when I type http://homeportal, it takes me to the 2wire homepage. Is there another way to access the homeportal info?
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Re: 2wire homeportal help?

Are you using the 2701HG-B behind the UV RG for your wireless?  You are trying to see the 2Wire stats/settings for the 2701HG?

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Re: 2wire homeportal help?

Either you type the IP or just type in "home" in the search bar.


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Re: 2wire homeportal help?

I am going to assume this is not related to U-verse as it is an ADSL modem.


What you might try and do is do a factory reset on the modem by pressing and holding the red reset button on the back until it restarts.  Then try either the hostnames (home, homeportal,, etc) or the IP address of it ( is 2wire's default).  Is your computer set to receive the DNS server automatically or are you using a service such as OpenDNS?


I would first try and enter in the IP of the 2wire, then go from there.  If you can, check the DNS settings on your computer to be sure the DNS server is the 2wire.  If you can't, try doing the factory reset on it.


I do have one question though, my experience in 2wire ADSL products isn't that great, but wouldn't you have had to log into the configuration pages to put your PPPoE username/password in for it to connect properly?

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Re: 2wire homeportal help?

Thanks for the help. But I spent 4 hours last night with 3 different Tech-ies at AT&T and the last one got everything to work out fine. 


Heck! One tech's solution of unplugging the router and waiting 15 seconds, actually fixed a problem. 

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Re: 2wire homeportal help?

If that helped, it sounds like the web server crashed and just needed to be restarted.
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