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24 Mbps U-Verse service


24 Mbps U-Verse service

I pay for the 24 Mbps U-Verse service. For the last 3 months I have been dealing with AT&T to solve similar problem to no avail. I had more than 10 different technicians in my place , I call support 2 or 3 times a week, I spoke to level 2 support many times. Nothing makes anybdifference. Here is my situation:


-Max Turbo 24 Mbps service.

-From 1:00 am to around 7:30 pm, stable speed around 17.5 Mbps. Never had a single drop on speed during the day.

-Every single evening, from 7:30/8:00 pm until 12:00/01:00 am, speed drops dramaticaly, as low as 2 Mbps.


All the speed tests can be done with only one PC linked to the modem (gateway), eliminating any potential problem with switches or other network devices.


AT&T already changed my line, the port, the modem, nothing seems to help.

I tried to reduce the service back to 18 Mbps, same result. Speed drops as low as 2 Mbps.


I can't stream Netflix HD during the evening, only get SD.


It's clear that there is some kind of overloading in the system but AT&T obviously tell me I'm the only one complaining.


I live in south Florida.


Do you guys think there anything else I can try ? No chance to change providers, I live in a condo with Directv and AT&T only. I only have internet with U-Verse. Thanks.

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Re: 24 Mbps U-Verse service

6 Mbps is indeed enough to stream HD video if that's the only thing using the internet . The problem with my connection, however, is the fact that it's not stable at all. The way Netflix works, for example, is to measure your connection speed when you start the streaming and adjust the quality if there is any significant drop or increase on the speed. If it floats from 12 to 6 Mbps, chances are you will see the quality dropping (easy to see if a PS3 is used). From 9:30 to 11:00 PM my connection speed drops dramatically, sometimes as low as 2 Mbps. It starts to drop arounf 7:00 PM and gets back to normal (18 Mbps) after 11:30 PM. During the whole day it's perfectly stable at 18 Mbps. I have many other ways to prove my point: I can download big files from very fast servers, like Sony, Intel or Microsoft, at 18 Mbps any time during the day. The same files will download at a much lower rate after 7-8:00 PM until 11:30 PM. This is the real deal, nothing to do with a possible server problem used by most speed tests. I have already had 9 different AT&T technicians coming to my place, nothing wrong was found. I tried everything possible, eliminating switches, turning off wireless, turning off all devices accessing the internet leaving just a laptop to test the speed.

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Re: 24 Mbps U-Verse service

slimoli wrote:

Last time I got an Email from tier 2 support, they suggested something in my building is causing interference in the network. How can I talk to 180 residents and ask them if they have something on unusual, every evening, exactly when everybody else wants to use the internet ? Give me a break !

It won't hurt to find out if interference is actually at work. See this thread.

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Re: 24 Mbps U-Verse service

slimoli - this is from one guy having a uverse problem to another guy having a uverse problem, so keep that in mind.


that said, I agree with evasor(sp?) ...


1) check for interference. it could be that at night there is a big spike in that. i knew that vdsl is very sensitive to radio interference, but I never knew how much. without realizing it, I was getting hit by a TON of interference... enough to drop my line capacity (aka bits available) down to about .5%. yes, that's right HALF A PERCENT. it was 99.5% committed. my reserve bits was also down to 32. not 3.2k, 32. after ditching the 50ft rj11, and moving the RG to an isolated corner, I was able to bring it up to 4200 reserve bits and 40% line capacity. not great, but at least ok. 


that brings me to #2


2) download and install uverse realtime. it gives you really good data on your connection - enough to help you have a better idea of what's wrong with your connection. then come back here and post screenshots (there's a helpful button built in for that) of your profile and bitloading pages. 

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Re: 24 Mbps U-Verse service

Thank you guys for the information. I only have U-Verse for the internet, no TV service. I had been told already by the tier 2 support about a possible power interference. I bought an expensive power conditioner just to be used with the gateway. No change. I also tried to turn off everything possible inside my apartment, no change. The thing is , it ONLY happens in the evening, NEVER during the day. With the exception of the light bulbs, everything else also work during the day, including TV sets and other electronics. I doubt anything inside my place is causing the speed drop but I live in a condo with 180 other units. I simply can't control what the other people could be using but it's very unlikely that something is always on , every evening, during the same time interval (8 to 11:30 PM) for the last 4 months. It's much more likely that something is affecting some U-Verse server nearby. From 11:30 Pm until 7:30 PM my connection is always rock solid at 18 Mbps with a 24 Mbps plan. Between 7:30 PM until 11:30 Pm the speed drops below 10 Mbps, sometimes as low as 2 Mbps. 

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Re: 24 Mbps U-Verse service

maybe someone is growing an illegal flower bed indoors under very powerful UV lamps ....


kidding aside, you're right. you've done all a company can expect you to - short of putting lead into all your walls and encasing your cables in unobtainium, there's not much more you can do to reduce interference. 


I'm as puzzled as you are. I'm having the same problem, though -- just started two days ago. but for me, it's not just at night. right now my speedtest results are 1.6mbps. several hours ago, with the exact same setup, it was returning 9.6mbps. consistently, both times. I wonder what's going on?


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Re: 24 Mbps U-Verse service

Don't know if this is an issue...but if you have an alarm system the uses the same lines, look into getting an alarm bypass module.  Worked wonders for me.  View the other threads for details.

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Re: 24 Mbps U-Verse service

No alarm at all...Thanks anyway.

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Re: 24 Mbps U-Verse service

Last week, for the first time in 5 months, things were looking normal on the evenings. This week everything is terrible again, speed as low as 3 Mbps , No Amazon VOD, Netflix or anything in HD.


I got an email from Matt and he said I could experience some problems for a while but it seems they finally are aware of the problem and no longer tell me there is something wrong with my installation. It looks like they have to install some equipments in south Florida before the speed gets stable.  

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Re: 24 Mbps U-Verse service

I wonder if they really know what the problem is or just want to stall until cap is in place to hope usage goes down.


Your line is fine and that only leaves a routing issue or bandwidth problem at the CO or vrad you feed...


I am in Central FL and my speeds have always been like 23 meg down 2.7 up but I do get VOD problems myself even with those speeds because whatever problems on AT&T network they cant ever find.


I have also learned to not use the DNS server provided by default as the RG alone has thousands of fails in only a few hours from it. is a miami bellsouth server for DNS you may want to use that might help with VOD services at least. Its pings for me are only like 3 ms slower than the main AT&T ones but the google and others are like 20-30 higher so rather stay on network.


Problem with VOD is it needs to get a general idea of your location to stream media from near by content provider network but AT&T uses a central server so it has no idea... These other bellsouth ones are still att network but are closer and get you to correct servers.

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Re: 24 Mbps U-Verse service

Thank you for the tip. Do you change the DNS at the device level or on the gateway ? On the device (Bluray player), it makes no difference. As I type I can't stream Amazon VOD, although Youtube at 1080P is just fine. I can't figure how to change the DNS on the Gateway, I can't see any setting for it. I have the new gateway (the all black one).


Using the VUDU speed test, it shows less than 2 Mbps. Using, Miami server, 23 Mbps. From 01:00 am to 7:00 PM my speed is always great, at least 18 Mbps as it should be, always.


Thanks again.

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Re: 24 Mbps U-Verse service

On the Matt's msg, he says they are "upgrading the CO's" , do you know what does that mean ?

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