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Doesn't Anyone Buy Ringtones Anymore?


Doesn't Anyone Buy Ringtones Anymore?

I realize that technology can go out of fashion quickly, but ...


The last time I got a new phone was only two-and-a-half years ago. At that time, ringtones were very popular, and they were an easy source of income for the carriers and the artists. So when I got my new MotoX from AT&T I wanted to shop for ringtones but - guess what? - AT&T doesn't sell any! (Ringback tones - yes; ringtones - no.)


I chatted with an AT&T rep who told me that no one buys ringtones anymore; they just choose from what ships with the phone. Really? My former carrier (Verizon) still sells ringtones, and they've got thousands of them for sale. Why doesn't AT&T sell them? Are ringtones really out of fashion? (If so, someone should tell Verizon.) And if ringtones are not out of fashion, where can I buy them for my MotoX?



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Re: Doesn't Anyone Buy Ringtones Anymore?

Hello celldaddy,


Ringtones have traditionally been provided by third parties that carriers made agreements with. Since there a plenty of apps which can provide ringtones on smartphones (and the iTunes ecosystem for iOS) and since with most smartphones you can use your MP3 files as ringtones, some carriers opt to not make ringtone agreements anymore.


You may want to consider downloading an app like Myxer or Zedge obtain your ringtones.

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Re: Doesn't Anyone Buy Ringtones Anymore?

Thanks for your help. I'll definitely look at those sources.


Since my previous ringtone - the one I used on my previous phone - is still available on Verizon's website, do you think I could download that to my new MotoX? Or can Verizon do something funky like make it only work on a Verizon phone?

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Re: Doesn't Anyone Buy Ringtones Anymore?

Turns out to be a mute point. I found a great .mp3 and used it as my ringtone.

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Re: Doesn't Anyone Buy Ringtones Anymore?

To answer your question, Yes, there's a lot of people who still buy ringtones...not as much as there use to be though. most people just use the music they have own there computer, and just sync them to there phone. It seems like people text more than they make calls nowa-days, so as far as a ringtone "some" people could care less I guess.Smiley Sad

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