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Wow, I have been promoted...


Wow, I have been promoted...

Did AT&T's forum server get hacked?  Because today I received this message:



Congratulations, scannerdude!

As the result of your contributions to the community, you have earned a new rank. Your new rank is Manufacturer Representative.

We appreciate your efforts and hope you will continue to be an active member of the community.


The AT&T
Community Support Team



Although I'm a bit flattered that AT&T thinks so highly of me (after so few posts months ago), I am not a manufacturer representative of anything related to anything that AT&T does - or anything related to any internet or telecommunications company.  I am a ham radio operator, but last I checked that doesn;t make me a representative of any company.  Maybe they know I use Comcast for internet and are trying to butter me up.  It won't work, unless they can finally give me bonded pairing to get me more than 18 Mbps that I get now. Smiley Tongue




Alleged "Manufacturer Representative"


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Re: Wow, I have been promoted...

Hello Scannerdude -- Alleged "Manufacturer Representative"

It seems to have been a fluke, a temporary issue. (I got the same email, as well as all posts I had seen contained the same rank. The issue should be corrected now. Your rank is now visitor.)

julywashere -- "Alleged Manufacturer Representative for about 5 Minutes."
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Re: Wow, I have been promoted...

I got the same message as well.

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Re: Wow, I have been promoted...

And just as quickly, demoted haha. 

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