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Would this HDTV work good as a Computer monitor?

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Would this HDTV work good as a Computer monitor?

HHGregg has a 24" Hisense LCD HDTV for $147.  I see that it has one HDMI, one component, one composite and one VGA input.  Would this be acceptable as a computer monitor?  The thing that scares me is that in the pdf, it says "This device may not be computable with all PC/Video Graphics cards."  Did I mention that statement scares me?  Lol.  I plan on connecting my desktop PC (HP a1355c) via VGA and my work laptop (Dell E6510), via HDMI with a DisplayPort converter.  I have never used the DisplayPort on the laptop but want to have the option of not having to switch cables from VGA for the desktop and VGA for the laptop.  I would just leave the HDMI/DisplayPort cable dangling when my laptop isn't there.


* Would both computers work with this monitor, in your opinion?


* Has anyone used DisplayPort?  I see an HDMI/DisplayPort adapter for less than $10.  It's not a converter, so nothing is lost.


* Would a standalone monitor work FAR better for the computers?  $147 for a 24" monitor by itself, would be a good price


NOTE: This prolly would not be connected to U-Verse but I would add an antenna.



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Re: Would this HDTV work good as a Computer monitor?

@dhascall wrote:

@hpmsrm wrote:

I imagine the older LCD monitor used a fluorescent light source with its heavier power supply and the new 24 incher is LED back lit.  Could that be the reason for the weight difference?

No, they're both LCD but according to the stats for both products, the weights are 15 pounds for each.  The HP feels heavier.  I bet that the HP monitor used non-gorilla glass and the 24" uses Gorilla or some other lightter weight glass.

Phil's probably right about the back light, just because of the age of the HP, it's more likely fluorescent.


Dave, it's the distance between your hands. Smiley Wink




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Re: Would this HDTV work good as a Computer monitor?

I was thinking of doing something similar with my 7 YO desktop, getting son a newer HDTV and taking his for a monitor with older rez.


I replaced the flat panel monitor a few years ago, from a square to a widescreen with digital, only to find the fancy (at the time) vid card does not support digital!


Guess I need to see about upgrading the NVIDIA card to one that can handle digital, but I'm clueless on where to start.  Is it possible for such an old machine, and would I see a difference?  No HDMI, of course.


I thought something was wrong with LogMeIn from the new laptop until I realized the desktop's monitor is just blurry. Smiley Sad


I've used the laptop on the bedroom TV with a long HDMI and it works great, but newer machine; then I can't watch TV and surf! Smiley Surprised

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