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Why Does AT&T Have So Many Outages?


Why Does AT&T Have So Many Outages?

Why does AT&T have so many outages?  This week has been a good week, but the past serveral weeks (and a lot worse history of downtime going back years), my U-Verse Broadband as been intermittent at best (up and down), or just completely down.  Sometimes I am lucky to get 2 Mbps which is just barely good enough for streaming Netfix movies. When the intenet is down, you can't very well check anhything with the Troubleshoot and Resolve Tool, or even go to the Broadband Status page or resolve slow internet speeds.


AT&T always seems to want to blame our equipment setup or in a nice way tell us we don't know what the heck we are doing - but you know when your Broadband or Internet is not working especially when the gateway shows the Red light colour on the Broadband


I know how to check settings myselft and usually can fix slow intenet speeds, but you cannot fix it when your Broadband or Internet goes down.


Now if only AT&T would not have so many Outages, I can usually resolve allmost all other issues (like slow internet speeds), myself.


Please AT&T Representatives, don't keep blaming AT&T Customers' equipment for Broadband or Internet Outages.


Please AT&T fix the Broadband or Internet on your end, and everything else can be worked out, or worked on.


I do thank you for giving me a good week again with no Outages.


Maybe that is because your poor service finally made it to the News Media.




P.S,. Forgive any mispellings or typos, I have a problem editing my own words and checking fore erros.


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Re: Why Does AT&T Have So Many Outages?

Amen Friend. Do you suppose that AT&T just wants to get rid of Uverse?  How can we get rebats for the poor service?



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