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Weekly Off-Topic Thread #284

Weekly Off-Topic Thread #284

Well yet another Friday that I have to trudge over here from DSL to start the Uverse WOTT. I'm gonna have to start hitting you guys with a service charge pretty soon.Smiley Wink


It's been in the high 40's to low 50's here yesterday and today and I have to go around in shorts because Wednesday, like a dope, I went out for the first mowing and spent about 3 hours on the lawn tractor in shorts, so the outside half of both legs from midthigh down to my ankles are a nice bright pink-purple color (nearly second degree).


I gotta admit, that kind of pain all night long can make for some bazaar dreams.Smiley Very Happy




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Re: Weekly Off-Topic Thread #284

So we've been in the market for updating our energy provider contract for a while now and I decided to stick with reliant and get thier "Learn and conserve" plan which comes with the new Nest thermostat.  So far I'm impressed with the device.  It's nice to be able to monitor my usage and adjust the temperature at the house without being there.  The big plus is that recently my wife has been complaing that our (now old) programmable thermostat wasn't set correctly and we would have to adjust the temperature when we got home, went to bed, etc. So I'm hoping that with the new fancy thermostat we'll be able to get it adjusted correctly without any major effort from either of us.


Not to mention there's apparently a new service coming soon that Reliant will pay us $0.80/kwhr for avoiding using our ac during major peak hours when we aren't at home this summer. 

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Re: Weekly Off-Topic Thread #284

That thermostat sounds interesting A.G.


We also got a new one with our newly installed furnace/heat pump/AC.  But I declined the programmable version.  Since I am retired....our schedule is very irregular.  It is impossible to lock in a specific time when we would want our home temp. to be raised or lowered.  When we were working.....that was not a problem.  Our thermostat is in the hallway so I just stop by and lower the temp at night or step it up in the daytime....for winter.  In summer, of course, it's just the opposite.  I think.


Good thing we're out of the heating season. the water supply valve to the humidifier was a 24 volt s-lonoid (stupid word filter) and the dunderheads connected it to a 120 volt supply from the furnace control board.  Of course it was fried the first time we turned it on.  So parts are ordered.  But warmer weather now pretty much negates the need for a humidifier.  I hope the company knows that they are paying for the parts.Smiley Happy

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Re: Weekly Off-Topic Thread #284

hpm you shoudl really look into how your heating and cooling costs could be improved by having a programmable thermostat. Humans are creatures of habit and believe it or not you still do some stuff at the same time everyday that could help your power bill out if you set the thermostat on a small schedule.  You probably go to bed around the same time every night and wake up in the morning around the same time every day. Little things like that can save you some serious cash on your power bill.

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Re: Weekly Off-Topic Thread #284

I got this jewel when I had my new A/C Heat Pump installed in March.  3.5 ton unit.  Changed the inside unit also.  It's a 15.5 SEER unit so I hope to see major savings come this summer when we are at 100 degree days.


Honeywell Wi-Fi Programmable Touchscreen Thermostat + Free App

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