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Weekly Off-Topic Thread #274


Weekly Off-Topic Thread #274

Luckily we made it through the snow/sleet/freezing rain/ice storm which rolled through last night and early this morning. Most has now all melted and just turning into a muddy mess.


Not sure if this 3 1/2 min youtube video has been out for a while but my 92 year old mom just emailed it to me. Pretty amazing morph sequence of Queen Elizabeth II going from a child to her diamond jubilee year.




And to continue the discussion from the past WOTT #273:




There's only 1 Frys in Central Ohio and not much help to me since it's on the far SW side of Columbus (Grove City area). I'd have to agree with SJ on watching for open products at Frys. Went there when out in San Diego in Dec helping my future son-in-law pick out a mast-mounted OTA antennae. Half the boxes were open with hardware for mounting missing. Even the sales rep who helped us look at them took one out of the box and didn't put it back in the box with all the parts. Not good.



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Re: Weekly Off-Topic Thread #274

Yes OZ.  My arthritis reacted also.   We got two more inches of snow over last night.  So this morning my wife and I shoveled out the driveway.  Not a difficult job.....when I was younger.....but, oh boy I'm gonna have to take some Anacin tonight if I want to sleep.  The shoulders are complaining that I overstressed them.


Hey.....anyone that wants to answer this question....feel free.    The main reason I use FF instead of IE 10 (or any prior IE for that matter) is that the scroll wheel on my mouse has never worked on my "Bookmark" list.  Mine is quite long and the only way to scroll this list in IE is to point to the little arrow at the top or bottom and hold down the left button on the mouse.  A pain in the you-know-what.  The scroll wheel works just great in FF.  I've done a little research on it and it seems that the MS reaction is "that's tough.....deal with it."  I'm asking this here because it really has nothing to do with U-verse.  Anyone have any idea what causes this problem?

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Re: Weekly Off-Topic Thread #274

Hi guys!! Just saw your pics of the snow! NICE!! 11 inches??? Not so nice when it's that heavy wet kind and a pain to shovel, though, and not nice to come home to after your trip.  We have nothing here in my neck of the woods...as a matter of fact, it was like a Spring day today....and Spring isn't one of my favorite seasons. Hope you recover form the shoveling, hpmsrm. Smiley Happy


Does anyone know if OU got any where he is?? I saw they were having some snow down that way...and quite a bit! 


I'm glad your UVerse Lounge is still alive...at least I can come here to say HI once in awhile. 





     we live & learn~

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