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Weekly Off Topic Thread #273


Weekly Off Topic Thread #273

Apparently someone who was snowbound up in the northeast was really bored ...


Fun with RDNS


Try the following in a command window:


tracert -h 100



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Re: Weekly Off Topic Thread #273

JefferMC wrote:

Don't have a Fry's, have a Best Buy, would trade.  My experience is the same as y'alls: They almost never have what I want.


I like having at least one "technology" store around for those times when you need something NOW and you don't want to wait for it to be shipped (and can't afford the prices for overnight shipping).  We had a CompUSA, and that was the best store for that sort of thing: MotherBoards, RAM, video cards, you name it, they had it.  Even some Apple stuff.  


There's an outfit here called CDO which stocks mainly brown box parts, the components have a high failure rate (during a 3 month period I made 5 purchases, of them 3 went back for replacement during the 3 week return window).  Yeah, short warranty period, too.  And they charge more for taking your credit card.  I try to avoid dealing with them.


I did have to buy a Monitor when one died on me last month (one of my last CompUSA purchases).  Staples was out of stock on the $115 23" ACER LCD monitor.  I ended up in BestBuy and purchased a 20" Acer for $100.  I've gotten many good technology buys out of Staples, like a $100 Acer 23", a Epson Artison 730 for a net of $80 (both over a year ago).


Most purchases that I can plan ahead for are online orders.  Amazon and NewEgg have been my most frequent outlets.  Occasionally has a good price (bought my last Windows 7 license from them).



Jeffer: Fry's is like CompUSA X 5 + Best Buy X 3 and then some.  I feel for anyone who does not have a Fry's.

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Re: Weekly Off Topic Thread #273

Fry's has a large in-store inventory and low prices, so it seems like a great place, but just be careful when shopping there. Especially with computer parts, Fry's has an annoying tenancy to put returned items back on the shelf without them being clearly labeled as such, and without testing them to make sure nothing's wrong with the item. Even items that haven't been returned are sometimes not exactly in a factory-sealed box.

If you're buying a motherboard, hard drive, etc. from their computer parts department, dig way to the back of the shelf and find a box that hasn't been touched, that will give you the best chance of avoiding a non-working product.
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