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Weekly Off-Topic Thread #271


Weekly Off-Topic Thread #271

Well.  Things went a bit better with WOTT this past week so maybe it ain't completely dead after all.


WOW.....We had an overnight low of 6.9 degrees above zero.  Absolutely clear skies.  It was about 17 deg. when I took the Alf out for his morning walk....and he just loves it.  Sun shining brightly....no wind....let's just say it was a brisk pace and my old ticker and half shot lungs were working overtime.


As I stated in my last post in the previous WOTT....I've been successful at getting my home net up and running the way I want it....but there is one hiccup.  Both of my laptops can access the desktop in the other room....and retrieve or store files on its hard drive.  But when I try to access either of the laptops FROM the desktop PC....on all the important folders where my photos, documents and such are stored, I get the doggone "You do not have permission" window.  I can go one way but not the other.  Man....I tell you...I've spent hours changing "sharing" settings and granting "permissions" to "everyone" but have had no luck.  It's times like this that I get really out-of-patience with Microsoft.  Just so darn many levels of security...that it's overwhelming.  I can see the usefulness of this in the office and/or business but it's way over-kill in the home.  I've got my home-network set up and that should take care of it but it doesn't.   Oh....and here's another crazy thing.  The blasted Toshiba laptop refuses to fully join the home-net because it says that ipv6 is required and must be turned on at the router.  But U-verse doesn't use this setting...if I understand things correctly.   So here we are...two people in a home with no need for all the blasted security measures.  We've got our firewall in the router and our U-verse IPS is password protected so why do we need all this junk "inside" our home.  Why can't we just have a single command that turns it off and lets our PC's communicate with each other within our own system.  It's just STUPID.  Our Toshiba laptop isn't all that important for this purpose because I keep the Wi-Fi turned off on it most of the time.  It has our Quicken program for our accounting.  So it's not accessible to anyone outside.   I thought I had it all going good.  Well....as long as the wife can access the Internet from her iPad without problems, at least my life is not in danger.Smiley Very Happy

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Re: Weekly Off-Topic Thread #271

Yeah guys, real freaky accident and hi DC!


Some pets didn't fare too well at our house with 3 rowdy boys, particularly birds for some reason. We had another parakeet who was pretty tame and would sit on your finger or ride on your shoulder. So we had gotten something like a new fridge in a big cardboard box and put the box on it's side in the basement to play/hide in. So my older brother was in the box one day when I came along and decided to jump on the box. He started screaming, "I have Pretty Boy in here!". Heck, how was I supposed to know he had the bird in the box and I broke both his wings. I felt real bad about that one and luckily we had a vet who lived a couple houses down who splinted both the parakeet's wings and he healed just fine. Smiley Happy


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