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Weekly Off-Topic Thread #271


Re: Weekly Off-Topic Thread #271

Yeah guys, real freaky accident and hi DC!


Some pets didn't fare too well at our house with 3 rowdy boys, particularly birds for some reason. We had another parakeet who was pretty tame and would sit on your finger or ride on your shoulder. So we had gotten something like a new fridge in a big cardboard box and put the box on it's side in the basement to play/hide in. So my older brother was in the box one day when I came along and decided to jump on the box. He started screaming, "I have Pretty Boy in here!". Heck, how was I supposed to know he had the bird in the box and I broke both his wings. I felt real bad about that one and luckily we had a vet who lived a couple houses down who splinted both the parakeet's wings and he healed just fine. Smiley Happy


If you get to thinking you're a person of influence, try ordering someone else's dog around.

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