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Weekly Off-Topic Thread #270


Weekly Off-Topic Thread #270

Guess I'll start one more....#270.  If the use of this lounge keeps sliding down hill I don't really see much sense in keeping WOTT going.


W0W we have been losing quite a few of our U-verse folks.....past CL's.  I blame the new set up of the forum.   Where is SPD and has anybody seen any posts from UNI?  Sure hate to see the U-verse community disintegrate.


Hope y'all that are left have a super weekend.  We are supposed to get rain.  I'll believe it when I feel and see it.

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Re: Weekly Off-Topic Thread #270

@Uniblurb3 wrote:

56 is it not OUfan? Nice year and much improved over the 55. My brother had a 57 Chevy and bought it already half souped-up. Had a 283 engine, racing cam and dual Holley 4-barrels (too much carburation). Was one of the first cars I worked on and we learned a harsh lesson. We rebuilt the engine in my friends basement and put it altogether. Don't ever put the heavy heads on a block, along w/all the other parts, and then try to carry it up a set of narrow basement stairs! LOL.


And speaking of working on cars, or should I say Jeeps, I just won't let die. A couple months ago I bought a used Lincoln 135T Mig welder off Craigslist in real good condition. It came with everything and more. Then I bought a new set of Smith torches and tanks. I didn't buy any small tanks, they're medium sized, and also bought a tank cart. I had no idea the tanks would be that expensive or might not jumped into buying this stuff. Also I should have looked at steel prices too since they're really high. Plan is to do some more fix-up on my Jeeps where on one the rocker panels are about rusted away as well as part of the uni-body. So have a new hobby in welding/metal work and unfortunately the weather isn't cooperating.


Hey DC, speaking of weather and funny you mention 61 degrees. That's the same as the peak wind gusts (61 mph) which just rolled through central Ohio as the cold front moved quickly through. Heading your way, moving fast, so stay safe.

Oh??? Thanks for the warning Uni...I'm still waiting for it to get here. 



     we live & learn~

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Re: Weekly Off-Topic Thread #270

@dhascall wrote:

Yeah, I do not like blatant money grabs either!   Anything to put their hand out.  Can you say Screen Pak?


Two non AT&T examples. 




Coke recently phased out their 24 Ounce 6 packs bottles.  They only sell 16.9 ounce 6 packs now.  The reduction in size is 30% HOWEVER, the new, smaller six pack cost $3, where the 24 ounce 6 pack was selling for $3.70.  So it's a 19% savings.  Just a plain, good for nothing price increase!. 




If you need to get your tickets in a hurry, you can print them out, yourself.  Yes it saves you time BUT it saves Ticketmaster money too.  It saves them postage, envelopes, printing materials, overhead and the time for a machine to print, decolate, bundle and stuff.  It saves them money but you have to pay extra for it.  What the?????

Oh, I could go on an on:


Shampoo bottle: 16 oz, label says 2 oz. free!  Two weeks later, 14 oz bottle, same price... freebie is over.  Ah, but if you look back 4 weeks, that 16 oz bottle, without the "2 oz. free!" was the same price the 14 oz bottle is now.


Looked at how many oz. of coffee are in a "pound" package (or what used to be a pound package)?


Have you noticed that what used to be a 5 lb bag of sugar is now 4 lbs?


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Re: Weekly Off-Topic Thread #270

GIve Uni a ceegar.  Mine was a 1956 Chevrolet 150 Business Sedan.  I bought it in 1984 for $900.  Needed 3 floor boards but the body was straight with minimal cancer.  When I first started it had a 235 straight 6.  That ran like a champ but ended up getting a crack in the water jacket so I dropped a 283 in it.  The 6cyl took almost 2 months to rebuild in votech, the 283 took my dad and I less than a week and that included sending out to have the cylinders board 30 over and the heads polished and ported.

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Re: Weekly Off-Topic Thread #270

Well I kind of cheated a little OUfan by having some inside info. In other words a good friend of our family's who coached a lot of little league sports with me has a perfectly restored 56 Chevy he drives in the local parades every year. I'd recognize one in a heartbeat.


Sounds like a great project in rebuilding your 56 with your dad and I'm sure it brings back a bunch of fond memories.


We were kinda of "flying by the seat of our pants" and learning as we went with my brother's 57. We actually honed the cylinders ourselves and installed new rings. But we made a major error in not keeping the rod caps matched with the specific piston rods. After all that work, and even painting the engine with pretty crinkle yellow heat paint, the engine was completely locked up after installing. There was nothing we could do to start it. Even towing at 30 mph and popping the clutch both back wheels locked up. He finally took it to Jegs and they found the problem where we had switched rod caps and it cost him a bundle. Guess you learn by your mistakes....


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Re: Weekly Off-Topic Thread #270

Great to have you back in harness, Uni.  How is Charlie?  Is he as much of a cold weather dog as Alfie is?   We went for our morning walk in 26 degrees.  Alfie had his little jacket on.  He nearly walked my legs off.  I was so out of breath by the time we got home.  Thought I was having a coronary.  He loves the cold......really perks him up.  But tomorrow morning we'll see if he REALLY likes cold.  We're down to 11.3 degrees at 11 PM and headed for zero (plus or minus a degree or two).  My lungs will love it in the AM.


I haven't read the thread on the Sony 60 incher yet, Uni.  Our last optical block replacement a couple of years or so ago seemed to take care of everything.  We squeaked in under the deadline on the extended warranty that Sony had been forced to activate by the court action.  So far so good.  That mercury vapor projection lamp helps heat the living room on these cold nights.Smiley Very Happy


We also have the 2250 DVR.  Have never come anywhere close to filling it.  My wife records her detective and police drama programs.....I record my Science, History & Nat. Geo. channels and an occasional decent musical program on public TV.  But we watch them and then erase them.  I admit I've been guilty of burning a program or two....of special note.....to DVD on my desktop PC.  But, in general, once watched, they're gone.


I think I may have pretty much solved our Wi-Fi problem here in the house.  You may remember that, because of neighborhood clutter on the 2.4 gHz band I switched our home net completely to the 5 gHz band.  It worked.  No more "after-work" clutter and down-load slow downs with complete freezing of the system sometimes.  OK....it seemed great. BUT....there is always a little tarnish on the silver lining.  5 gHz is double the frequency of 2.4 gHz.....ergo absorbtion by things like walls is more severe.  There are five of them between our computer room where the RG and wireless router are located and our living room where we are located a great deal of the time.  Especially affected was my wife's iPad 3.  So I purchased a dual band range extender, same brand, to put in the living room.  Hey....worked great.  Strong signal. No more problems......whoops.....well....not quite.


Mid-summer......my wife accepts Apple's invitation to upgrade the iOS from version 5 to version 6.   Ooooh boy THAT was a mistake.  All of a sudden we have this weird situation..

Her iPad will work fine on the 5 gHz band with the signal coming from the router back in the computer room.....even though it is not super strong.   But.....it will NOT work right with the high band signal coming from the range extender.  Some things work OK but downloads of recorded or live video grainds to a complete halt.  This did not begin until she upgraded the iOS version to 6.  Apple just brought out version 6.1.  I downloaded and installed it on her iPad......no help.  About what I expect from that outfit.   So with suggestions from SomeJoe I attempted to move my router to the living room and feed it from the network port on the back of the DVR.  Worked OK but had problems getting my various PC's to communicate on our network.   I finally gave up and let it rest for a while.  My wife continued to use the signal direct from the router and was getting by OK.  But come spring she's gonna want to go out on the patio, etc.  So throw in another couple of walls for that signal to have to pass through.  OK.  Back to original plan.  But this time....after moving the router to the living room and, once again, connecting it to the DVR I moved the range extender back to the computer room where it can pick up the signals from the router.  My desktop is connected to one of the 4 ports on the extender and my wife's iPad can now receive a nice strong signal on 5 gHz directly from the router.  My PC's all talk to each other....two laptops and the desktop.....plus both her iPhone and my Motorola Atrix HD are connected to the high band.  With fingers crossed, I claim victory.  Thank you S.J. and others.


Oh....but one question still sticks in my craw.  Why does that conflict exist between her iPad and the 5 gHz band on the range extender.....but everything is fine when it is connected directly to the router.   And add to that that every other piece of gear we have works just fine with the extender.  THAT is the one piece of the puzzle I have not figured out.

The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other peoples' money.
.......Margaret Thatcher
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