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Weekly Off-Topic Thread #261


Weekly Off-Topic Thread #261

WOW!  Here we are.....Saturday evening and no one started up a new WOTT.  So I'll do it.  A beautiful....but dry.....day here.  We need rain in the worst way.  The  Scotts guy came and performed the fall fertilization.  Late as it is I may have to dig out the water hose again and do some watering.  The extreme heat may be gone but our severe drought is still with us.  Wonder what Mother Nature has in store for us this winter.


My Windows 8 adventure continues.  With the help of some of you folks and some advice from the Windows 8 Forum folks....I've pretty much been abel to solve the minor problems.  Got rid of the requirement for a password during boot-up of the PC.  Also have restored the "Start" button on the legacy desktop.  I was also upset because....although the daily virus scan is built into Win 8 I could not find anyway to change the schedule of the scan and, on my PC, the default setting was for 3:21 AM.  Since my desktop PC is very rarely turned on at that hour I wanted to change it to around 8:00 PM.  But I have been assured that if the PC is turned off.....the scan will run approximately 10 minutes after it is turned back on.  Changing that is possible but very complicated.....or, at least, more complicated than I can handle.   With the Win 7 ISE setting the scan schedule was very simple.  But ISE cannot be used with Windows 8.


Access to the legacy desktop is easy and quick.  Just one click.


The NEW Win 8 desktop does have "Start" within it....but in completely different form.  So you takes your choice.  As I said....it is not complicated.


Finally.....let me say that I certainly hope this U-verse Community Lounge is not losing its participants.  Folks seem to be posting less and less here.

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Re: Weekly Off-Topic Thread #261

JefferMC wrote:

Does your drop run across your neighbor's property, or did you make a deal to get your neighbor's sprinklers to water your lawn?


Yes the pedestal for UV is next to my new neigbors driveway.  

” Auto racing, bull fighting, and mountain climbing are the only real sports … all others are games.”- Ernest Hemingway
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Re: Weekly Off-Topic Thread #261

BeeBeeSA wrote:

When I had my sprinkler system installed I told the guy where the utilities were to try to speed things up since about 3 months prior I had them marked when my back patio was expanded.  He respectfully declined telling me that if he cut anything....electrical, cable, phone, etc. his company would be billed the cost from the appropriate companies/companies to repair the damage.  I asked him how that worked and he said if he doesn't pay the bill and they report him to the state he could loose his Texas Irrigation License.


So i delayed the start of the project by 4 days until all of the utilites came and marked their respective lines but nothing happened either.

I let the builder's sales office know.  I'll have to follow up with them regarding that.  I cannot say with 100% certainty that it was them, but Sunday Monday everything was working and the sprinkler wasn't there, and last night, nothing was working and the new sprinkler system was installed next door.  Coincidense? Don't think so.


On a happier note, I had a blast this past weekend,  My wife's A/C company that she works for as marketing director , Ruud is trying to get them to start selling their systems,  Well in return the gave my wife two tickets, two Village of Champions passes, pit passes and a meet and greet with Cale Gale, driver of the #33 Ruud NASCAR Camping World Truck.  Saturday, YellowBook, who my wife has her internet marketing through, gave us Victory Club Suite passes for the Nationwide race and on Sunday my son turned 4.  Wife is trying to get YB to give her tickets to ALL the races at Texas Motor Speedway for next year and if they start selling Ruud she'll work on them as well.  Nice to have connections.

” Auto racing, bull fighting, and mountain climbing are the only real sports … all others are games.”- Ernest Hemingway
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ACE - Master

Re: Weekly Off-Topic Thread #261

Cale Gale.  Cale's dad named him for Cale Yarborough (obviously).  I took pictures at Winchester Speedway  and in 1992, they had All-Pro take over the Winchester 400 from ASA.  They brought in Jeff Gordon, Bobby Labonte, Jack Sprague and a few other bigger names.  Midway through the race, I came down to the pits to take some pit stop photos and a local racer grabbed me and asked if I could help pit Bubba Gale's car (Cale's dad).  A mechanic, I'm not but I manned the pit board, helped pull fiberglass away (he wrecked all weekend) and threw him a drink bottle.  Cale made out better than Bubba did in terms of racing.  Bubba owns a big truck driving school down in LA (Lower Alabama).

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