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Weekly Off Topic Thread #259

ACE - Master

Weekly Off Topic Thread #259

Happy Friday.  Last week was kind of a bust, only 2 msgs. on the WOTT.  WOTT gives? Smiley Happy

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Re: Weekly Off Topic Thread #259

Headed to Fredericksburg, TX this weekend to visit my parents and deliver 2 bottles of booze to my Dad.  Funniest thing about the booze.....He saw an add in the San Antonio news paper he gets and the store had some Irish Whiskey he wanted for 10 bucks off a bottle so he asked if I could pick him up 2 bottles.  I think that's his way of saying you haven't come to see us in a couple of months so can you buy those for me and bring them? 


I have to admit I don't go as often as I should but it seems something is always going on and I put that ahead of visiting.  I need to stop that since both are in their late 70's.

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Re: Weekly Off Topic Thread #259

Have a safe and fun trip.

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Re: Weekly Off Topic Thread #259

BeeBee....I'm in the same age group as your pop.  So, yes, I imagine he most likely would appreciate a visit from you. 


We have 3 sons......our oldest lives 40 mi. away and we see him every couple of months or so.  #2 is a corporate CEO with a super-high stress job and has virtually zero time available to visit family.  Any time he does have free he tries to spend at home with his wife.  Just today was here at the house for about 17 hours for a visit.....2nd time this year.  God only knows when we'll see him again.  Our youngest son lives 10 minutes away and, with his work - family - keeping up their home and yard - and his marathon running we are lucky if he crosses our threshold once every two or three months.  And the 9 grandchildren?   Heck....they are nearly all out on their own and scattered all over the U.S.  Some of them we haven't seen in several years.  They all have their work or school.....are in the midst of school and/or courtship, or beginning families...etc.  We'd love to see all of them more often with time to spend having "real" visits  to find out what they are doing and how their lives are going.  We love 'em all and YES we, sometimes do feel left out and ignored.  10 years ago we were living full time in our motorhome and, being so mobile, we were free to move around the country and visit them.  But now....in our later 70's ....we have resettled permanently and don't get out on those long distance trips much anymore.

So, yes, I can understand how your dad misses you.


In 1964 my wife and I, along with our three young boys, were visiting her folks in our old home town.  My parents lived only a few minutes away but I knew they had some out-of-town company that weekend so I did not stop by even for a brief visit and to check on them.  A big mistake.  Next morning my mother called me and dad had suffered a heart attack and died.  I was particularly close to my dad and had missed my chance to see and talk to him one last time.  A mistake that I've regretted all the rest of my life.


So go see your pop.  Sit down and have a good chat with him.  You both will treasure the time you spend with him.

The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other peoples' money.
.......Margaret Thatcher
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Re: Weekly Off Topic Thread #259

The discussion on spending more time with your parents somehow reminded me of this commercial.  



"Everything should be made as simple as possible--but not simpler."
--Albert Einstein
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Re: Weekly Off Topic Thread #259

Last evening I enjoyed one of the most wonderful musical experiences of my life.  Here in the Kansas City area, one of our best-kept secrets is a musical group known as "The Fountain City Brass Band" (K.C., MO is known for all its beautiful water fountains).

This ensemble is a concert band made up entirely of brass instruments plus percussion.  They stay away from the old marching music......rather, they have a huge repertoire of big band sounds.....popular music....Broadway and film music arranged for them.....and jazz, jazz and more jazz.   This group of 31 people, including the conductor, was formed 10 years ago.  Last night was their 10th anniversary concert.  Three guest artists:  jazz trombonist, Wycliffe Gordon....Trumpet soloist, Jens Lindemann.....and a classical French horn performer, Martin Hackleman.  All professionals and rated among the best in the U.S. ... perhaps in the world.   Now...what is especially remarkable about this band, other than the fact that the members are all virtuosos on their instruments?   It is an all-volunteer group.  This band has entered competitions in the U.S. and in the U.K. (where music of this sort has been extremely popular for at least 200 or more years) and this group took 1st place in the U.K. contest.  Yep...they're THAT good.  They played their originally composed contest piece and I've NEVER heard a brass ensemble perform anything so technically complicated and difficult.  WOW!  Then...in the second half of the program they...and the guest musicians....launched into pretty much all jazz and it was terrific.  Just amazing.  Couple their super performance with the magnificent acoustics of the new Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts here in K.C., Missouri and you have an evening of pure musical enjoyment.  Nearly 3 hours long and NOBODY got up and left.  We were all riveted in our seats except when standing to applaud.   I don't often get so enthusiastic about a musical performance that I've heard....but music has been much of my life and I know really great stuff when I hear it.  This was superb.  I wish it had been recorded....because I'd love to have a copy.  But the three guests were professionals and their rules don't allow recording.


I've always claimed that really talented amateur musicians who are performing purely for enjoyment and love of the music, often sound and deliver performances much better than professionals for whom the concert is just another job.  I'm not saying that pros don't sound good....just that folks like this gang, called the Fountain City Brass Band, put something extra into their music that brings an audience to its feet and voices raised in shouts of appreciative enthusiasm.  I'm glad I was there to hear it.  Wish y'all could have been there also.


Oh...almost forgot.  This FCBB organization also supports a similar group made up of high school students who are advanced performers with their instruments.  Among them is one of our grandsons, a trombonist of considerable accomplishment and beginner composer.  This group of student musicians were brought on stage to join the FCBB in performance of one selection.


Also....almost forgot.  The FCBB has a trumpet player,Ryan Sharp, in its midst that could easily keep up with old "leather lips" Maynard Ferguson.  This young fellow has a high range that just doesn't seem to quit....and technique to match.  Awesome!


Sorry guys.   I get excited sometimes and just have to emote.


I guess all this is what makes Kansas City one of the jazz capitals of the country.

The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other peoples' money.
.......Margaret Thatcher
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