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WOTT #349


WOTT #349

In with the new, out with the old. I lost my ACE status last night due to lack interactions with other users and/or quality/quantity of posts according to the form PM. Guess it was fitting on my birthday. Have to admit I haven't been posting hardly at all since I've been so busy the past year. Have also found it's hard to help other users but some don't seem to have this problem. As it stands right now I can't even navigate around with the new forum format and for all I know there may be a new WOTT #349 floating around here somewhere already?


Our new Newfie Jake is growing like crazy, up to 30lbs at 16 weeks, and what a handful! I missed the puppy training deadline but have him signed up for beginning obedience training at the end of next month. He sure needs it and as usual he listens to me a whole lot better than my wife. Could just be the deeper voice and there's only room for one alpha male in this family. Lol.


Wishing everybody a great Labor Day weekend and stay safe!



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Re: WOTT #349

Ah, Uni...sorry to see you lose your keys to the ACE clubhouse.  Once they fix up this software, you'll be back up in the answers column, I'm sure.


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Re: WOTT #349

Uni, you've been so scarce for awhile and hardly see any posts from you, that's why you lost Ace status. 


Nothing to do w/new software, all metrics are year to year for ACE purposes, others lost their's too. Smiley Sad



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Re: WOTT #349

Hello, Uni, Jeffer and Chris--I am also no longer an ACE, insofar as my participation has been scant.  Being not-so-technical, I found it hard to provide answers when so many of the other ACES had so much more expertise.  But it was fun (and educational) to get a peek at "the other side" for a while and to get to know some of the folks a little bit better.  


I have been working out of town off and on, so my visits to the forum have been regular but brief.  And I still find the new format to be more difficult, but I have accepted that this is how it is.  I hope to continue to browse and participate, but it seems like quite a different landscape.


I'm glad to hear Jake is doing well--I also expect to get a new puppy in about 3-4 weeks and will be taking some time off to indoctrinate him into life at the docbombay ranch.


Hoping you all enjoy hour holiday weekend!

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Re: WOTT #349

Hi Uni et al.    Sorry about some of you losing the ACE membership.  Darn it.  Well....I think I'm still on board.  Don't know for sure.  Guess I'll find out.


We've been quite busy with other things also.  Got company coming in tomorrow evening from Colorado Springs.  I ran the carpet sweeper around the house and did all three bedrooms, the hall and the living room.  But, even with my oxygen valve on my little portable tank turned wide open I still had to sit down every 10 to 15 minutes to let my blood/oxygen saturation catch up.

But there was good news over the last few weeks....at least sort of good news.  I went through the complete pulmonary function and lung capacity tests and then had a CT scan.   The doctor's office called me last week and told me that everything was exactly the same as a year ago.  So I'm classified as stable.  Not getting better......just not getting any worse....for now.  But all it would take would be another bout of pneumonia like I had in June 2013 to send me on that final, long trip.


Got a little problem here.  My desktop PC did not come equipped with Wi-Fi capability when I purchased it.  For a long time I just hooked it up via Ethernet cable.  But some time back I decided to switch it to wireless hookup to my home network and Internet.  So I installed my NetGear WND3100 USB adapter that I used to use on a laptop.  I installed the NetGear drivers and software.  The PC is running Windows 8.1 and I have updated the driver and software for the adapter to the latest version.  Everything seemed to work just fine.  UNTIL.....the other evening I decided to transfer a folder with 170 photo images in it from my laptop in the living room to that desktop back in the computer room.  Started out fine and then, after a few minutes, it ground to a halt and the desktop lost its network connection completely.  I made sure to uninstall all previous NetGear software and drivers from that PC.  But that did not seem to help.  So tonight I removed the Wi-Fi adapter and reconnected the PC to the router via Ethernet cable.  Hooked up this way the complete transfer of those 170 image files sailed right through with no problems....in about 5 minutes.  My laptops, with built in wireless, don't seem to have any problem like that.  It's got me puzzled.  Just one of those little problems that I run into when I get bored and start experimenting.  Any ideas, anyone?


I even wondered if the wireless adapter might be overheating or something.  Oh well.  It's not a super important thing.  Just me with my problem of not wanting to leave even small problems unsolved.


By the way....our Internet download speeds have taken another jump up.  We subscribe to the 18 mbps speed but recently I've been seeing as high as 23 mbps.  When I run SpeedTest.net I am now seeing an AT&T supported server here int he Kansas City area.  Using that servier the Ping is typically 21 to 25.

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