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WOTT #344

WOTT #344

Hey it's time to wake up, the beginning of the weekend is here.


Welcome to the WOTT.


Great weather here so far, only 3 or 4 hot (above 82°) days so far this summer (knock on wood). I think we had a 48° degree night earlier this week. Unfortunately, it seems our fairly abundant rain of spring and early summer is tapering off. I had to start watering my young trees again. Just had them put in a couple years ago and their roots aren't that deep yet.





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Re: WOTT #344

Happy weekend!!  Well the weather here is HOT and HUMID!!  NWS says it's only 95 but on my way home my truck said it was 101.  My body says it feels like 120!!  It's hot.  I guess the older you get the worse the heat is.  It's with heat like this I just can't praise my yard guy enough.  He's on his way to cut the yard.  I always ask him why he doesn't do it in the mornings.  He says it's to humid in the mornings.  Ah, okay??


Everyone enjoy your weekend!! 

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Re: WOTT #344

     If the dew is too heavy in the morning.....the grass won't cut right.  At least that is what my wife tells me....and she is the boss on THAT.

     She had a follow up with her oncologist Wednesday and another appointment with her surgeon yesterday.  They are both almost ecstatic about the success of her cancer surgery.  No need for chemo or radiation treatment.  So that was wonderful news.  Plus her drainage tubes got removed by the surgeon and she also removed that super-tight elastic band that was wrapped around my wife's chest.  Her mood immediately brightened.  It was really annoying her.  So now we just go along with care and I help her all I can.  Eventually her body will recover from the massive intrusion and she'll be back to normal.  My prayers were answered....for which I am very grateful.


     Watched another episode of "The 4400" on NetFlix last night.  At the beginning the buffer was having a problem staying full and we got some brief interruptions.  Also the picture was only 480i SD.  By the end of the program the resolution was up to 1080i SD.   This conflict between NetFlix and the ISP's is gonna have to be settled soon.


     I wish I had the energy to tell y'all the full horror story about a friend of mine, down in Arlington, TX, who decided to order a couple of the new Amazon Fire phones from his local AT&T store.  They are currently with Verizon.  Well....I E-mailed him the links to several reviews of that yet-to-be-release phone and they decided to bail out of the deal.  They had almost $1,400 tied up in those two phones.  Well the folks at the store refused to let them cancel.  Told them it was not possible until AFTER the phones were delivered.  I urged him to get on the phone and contact AT&T directly.  He did so and the telephone person told him that the store people were way out of line.  Then he agreed to cancel the sale and subscription immediately.  Now my friend and his wife have decided to stick with Verizon and get a couple of new phones from that company.  So AT&T lost a pair of new wireless customers....all because of the way they were treated at the AT&T store.  I asked him if it was a company store or a franchise outfit selling AT&T service.  He did not know which it was.  He and his wife are both 81 years old and not too well informed on techy stuff.  Easy marks I imagine.  I felt that the Amazon phone was way too complicated for them.  But....he did not ask me before he signed up.  They want to drop their regular home phone....just like so many of us have done.  They are tired of all the marketing phone calls for stuff they don't want, etc.   We felt the same way and that is why we went wireless-only.  Kind of a traumatic experience....cutting the old umbilical after so many years on a line phone.....but we have discovered that we don't miss it at all and having separate numbers for my wife and myself has also proved to be nice.   I'm wanting to get her a new iPhone.  Hers is the model 3S and I want to bring her up to at least the model 5.  Don't know if we will lose that $20 saving per month that AT&T just converted us to...when we sign a new contract for her.  I do know that I can't afford paying full price up front for that new phone.  Know what I mean?

    I'm giving more thought to begin looking for another West Highland White Terrier to adopt.  There are a few 5 to 6 yr. olds available.  Some of the adoption groups insist on a fenced in yard....which we do not have.  And I refuse to install one.  Alfie and I used to go for long walks twice a day and he got a lot more exercise that way, even being on a leash, than he ever would have gotten just nosing around in our small back yard....if it were fenced.  It is a stupid requirement.  But some of them are very hard lined about it.    I see several Westies ready for adoption down in Oklahoma so perhaps we could make a short trip of it and go down and pick one.   Not having a dog.....for me at least....since Alfie's death.....has left a huge hole in my life and with all of our medical problems that we've gone through in the last 14 months I have not had time or energy enough to look for one.  Now I may be able to get it done.   We'll see how it goes.


     Everyone have a wonderfully enjoyable weekend.             Phil

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Re: WOTT #344

Similar story, Phil, concerning smartphones.  My wife finally decided to get one and wanted me to get an identical one, so she could learn.  I haven't had a contracted phone in 3 years, so we went with Straight Talk, which is Walmart's plan.  $45 unlimited Talk/Tech/4G Data.  Data is unlimited up to 2.5 Gb, then the speed is reduced.  We went with ZTE Unico's.  Never heard of them.  Apparently AT&T has the same phone called a Mustang.


Long story, short, she just can not manipulate her fingers to use a touchscreen.  SO, we only have a few days to return her phone to WM.  As for my ZTE, not a bad phone!  I'm keeping it.  4.5" screen.  4G LTE.  We are looking for a flip phone, for her.  Her 8 year old Samsung now has some buttons that stick.  I did see a Pantech (has to be jailbroken to work with Straight Talk) that uses voice commands.  That may be good for her.  There are Feature Phones but I think that those may be too much, for gher.  ST has $25 unlimited Talk/Text.  She was paying $30 to TMo for 1200 voice only minutes.

*The views and opinions expressed on this forum are purely my own. Any product claim, statistic, quote, or other representation about a product or service should be verified with the manufacturer, provider, or party.
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