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WOTT #321

WOTT #321

Well, another Friday, another WOTT.


Welcome to the weekend folks. Not much happening here except more snow and more sub-zero temps.... and more snow and more sub-zero temps.


Waiting on some upgrade parts to come in for my rig. Ordered a couple of 128GB SSDs to mount as a RAID-0 system drive. Also got a new power supply, something with a little more juice and modular cables which will help to clean up the excess cable clutter and get better air-flow.






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Re: WOTT #321

Hi C.J.    Sound like you're having some fun.  It was always a dream of mine to build my own PC from scratch.  Especially now that I have a MicroSystems store just a few miles away....when I go shopping there it gets the juices flowing.  But....after the health events of the past year....I don't think it makes much sense.....cost wise because my current desktop and my year old laptop are both up to date technically and capable of performing everything I do plus things I have never even tried.


BUT.....we did finally jump over the broom and purchase a new TV.  Actually....it is S.J.'s fault.  He sprung the news of acquiring a new big screen plasma set.  I caught the fever rather severely.  Plus....our Sony SXRD's LCD screens are beginning to act up again....after several years of no problems.  We've had it 7 1/2 years and it does get used heavily.  Also I felt that a new projection lamp was probably not far off.   So....with those justifications....we started researching and shopping.   We finally committed yesterday.....and did not buy from one of the big box stores.   Rather we bought from a locally owned audio/video store that we are very familiar with.  It has been in business for many years.  The set we purchased is the Sony KDL-55W802A.....a 55" unit.  I got it going last night.  Moving that big, heavy SXRD out to the garage was the worst part of the job.  WOW the picture is so sharp and color so life-like on this new Sony.  It has built-in Wi-Fi so I've got it connected wirelessly to our home net and it can access any of our PC's hard drives.  That way I can look at my photographs on the big screen and they do look great.  Plus it is 3-D.  We have 4 pairs of glasses that came with it but no source of 3-D programming yet.  Got it hooked up to U-verse and Internet....plus I have a small power amplified antenna hooked up to it for receiving local OTA in emergencies.    Problems?  Well no big change like this goes perfectly.  For example....we have a light problem in our living room.  Windows...plus more light coming through the big opening to the kitchen and dining area where the patio door and a big window are located.  Then we have the electric lights in the room.....and this Sony has a much more reflective screen than the SXRD did.  Not as highly reflective as the plasma sets but still it is creating a problem that my wife is griping about.  So I'm gonna have to work on THAT.   The second problem is the fact the the nit-wit designers at Sony provided a shorter stand on the TV so the bottom edge is much closer to the top of the cabinet.  Now we have a Sony sound bar and, since the remote infra-red sensor is located near the bottom of the screen...the sound bar blocks it when placed in its normal position.  I could solve that by mounting the TV higher up on the wall.  But, frankly, I'm not a fan of wall mounting.  Especially since I'll have to do it and that means fishing cables down inside the wall and other tasks that, energy-wise, I'm just not capable of doing anymore.  After buying the TV we can't afford hiring someone to to that either.  AND...actually,....I don't want the TV permanently mounted in any particular position because we might occasionally want to rearrange our living room.  We've got power and TV outlets on three of the four walls so it is not a problem unless that TV is mounted on the wall.  After all the physical exertions last evening getting it set up....I woke up at 3:00 AM with very sore muscles and joints (good old Arthur Itis refuses to go home) and had to get up and take some pain killer.  Then I had had just enough sleep that I could not get back to sleep.  So I just curled up under the covers and the brain was up and running.  I think I've pretty much figured out how to solve the little problems.  The wife wants a new cabinet under the TV anyway.  Our old one is a brushed aluminum color and she wants stained and varnished wood cabinet.  So now we need to start shopping for that.  This is complicated by the fact that my big stereo speaker systems are located on that same wall....along with the sizeable subwoofer for the stereo system AND another smaller subwoofer that goes with the TV sound bar.  So things are rather crowded on that side of the living room.  It's kind of a short wall...not the full width of the room...because of a doorway on one end and the fireplace on the other end.   For almost 58 years my poor wife has had to put up with living with a bonafide audiophile and techno-nut.  But she has been a good sport about it.  Fortunately she is also a classical music lover.  Not so much a fan of classical and theater pipe organ recordings played at full volume but she endures it because she knows I am obsessed.  Thank God she does not like Country and Western noise because I will not let any recording like that pollute my collection.Smiley Very Happy  That ought to fire up some of you C & W fans.  I'm good at dodging darts.


I'm a fanatic about sharpness.  I thought my old Sony 55 incher was sharp....but this new LCD/LED unit puts that old one to shame.  So....there's enough gadgets....apps....and features on this thing to keep me busy for most of March.


By the way....I am rather surprised that the 1080i image of local channels from U-verse are sharper and more life-like than what I see when I tune to the OTA signal from those same stations.  For some reason I thought that the OTA pictures would be the best.  I'm sure some of you have some thoughts on that.


Well....I've rattled on to long now.   Doggone it's cold....and even with the sun shining brightly we are not getting much thawing.

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Re: WOTT #321

Woohoo!  Congrats, hpmsrm!  You'll thoroughly enjoy the new set!  I loved the SXRD too, but the modern sets are finally beating it in picture quality.

hpmsrm wrote:
Actually....it is S.J.'s fault.

That's what my mother always told me. Smiley Surprised Smiley Very Happy





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Re: WOTT #321

Wolf photo, groundhog said 6 more weeks of winter so I ate him!.jpg


About sums it up on the harsh extented winter conditions many of us are going through!


Hi guys and congrats on the new TV Phil! I've found if I'm going to watch a movie on one of the movie channels the clarity of the picture will often take priority over the content/my interest. There sure are vast differences in the HD recordings/broadcasts where many good movies may not even be worth watching.



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Re: WOTT #321

Well.....the saga of Phil's new TV set goes on.  I think we've got a ghost here in the house.

     #1.  Hooked up the Sony sound bar via audio output meant for this purpose on the back of the TV.  I used analog connection because I don't presently have any digital/optical cable.  All went well for a few hours and then...suddenly....the audio started completely dropping out.  Then back on for a few minutes....then back off.  Now I'm back to having it connected to the audio out ports on the STB and all is well.  This is OK 99% of the time.  But on those rare occasions when we do have to watch OTA....it would be nice to be able to still hear the sound from the  better quality speakers than the crappy speakers in the TV.  Oh well....when the snow from yesterday melts off the streets I'll go to BB and purchase a digital/optical cable and give it a try to see what happens.  My theory is that the analog output from the TV is overloading the front end of the amp. in the sound bar and causing a temporary shut down of some sort.  Of course I could be completely off base.

     #2.   I have this new set hooked up exactly the same as the old one......using HDMI cable to the STB.  BUT.....the blue light is back on.....even when the system, including the STB is turned off.   Now....that is like the old days before the firmware update a couple of years ago.  Remember?  But....our blue light is back when off.  Kind of makes a nice night light in the living room.  We are sure glad it is not in our bedroom.....which would require the black-electrical tape cure.

     #3.  Now....even more weird.....I sat down in my easy chair this morning....and the TV and STB turned on by themselves.  I had not even picked up the remote yet.   Then......even weirder....after about 5 minutes....the STB performed a reboot all by itself with no action taken by me.  GHOSTS!!!!

     This all happened around 10 AM.  All is well now.  Never a dull moment around here.   Now what did I do with that phone number for Ghost Hunters?

     By the way......what TV2 Client version do the rest of you have on your STB?   Ours is 2.2.28163.10


Edit:  It is now two hours + since I put the new optical audio cable into use....connecting the Sony sound-bar+sub woofer to the ouput from the new Sony TV.   As of this moment there have been no sound drop outs.  That is great news for us.  As I reported above....when I tried to use the regular wire cable analog feed to the sound bar.....we'd get periodical drop outs of the audio.   This also now turns loose the audio feed from the STB to connec to my big stereo system so that we can have better quality audio for music programs such as we watch on PBS and also for the more spectacular movie audio tracks.


There are so many features and capabilities to this crazy new TV that it is going to take me at least a month or two just to familiarize myself with them.  Soon I want to watch a movie streamed off NetFlix to see how that goes.  The TV is connected to the Internet through our home network via Wi-Fi.  You youngsters can't really appreciate this.....but for an old guy like me.....who, as a teen, installed the first TV sets in homes in Kansas when TV first came on the air....and risked his life on top of three story houses putting monstrous channel 4 Yagi's up on 10 to 20 ft. masts up so folks could get TV from Oklahoma City to the South and from the Kansas City, MO station.....this modern day stuff is just short of miraculous.  I'm absorbed trying to make the operation of our equipment as simple and convenient as possible so that after I'm gone my poor wife will be able to just turn it on and have it work.  With such rapidly advancing technology.....THAT can be a real problem.  But she is a super smart gal so she'll be OK.  tn15.jpg


[reversed changing to new WOTT]


The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other peoples' money.
.......Margaret Thatcher
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