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Uverse vs Directv


Uverse vs Directv

So, I  am walking through Walmart and I was approached by a person wanting to know about my cable  provider.  When I told him Uverse, he became excited and starting trying to convince me to switch Directv explaining how much money I could save.  Why would AT&T try and convince me to change service that would pay them less?

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Re: Uverse vs Directv

I know what you mean kittyboysmom. We're retired and have been with AT&T forever.  We did make the switch to DIRECTV & have regretted it ever since. It is truly a shame that loyalty to a company is no longer meaningful. If you want to go thru the hassle, it appears that you’re better off flip flopping between providers. Any new discounted plan does not apply to loyal customers.

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