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Uverse phase-out report


Uverse phase-out report

I have been a loyal customer through problems and constant billing increases since 2009. I'm currently on the U450 package and Internet subscription.


I have enjoyed the One America News channel immensely with it resembling the original Headline News channel without the 'bias' of big corporations. However, I now see where OAN is reporting a planned "phase-out" of Uverse where AT&T is not building set-top boxes and pushing subscribers to Direct TV where the OAN and AWE channels will not be offered. From addage "AT&T is phasing out the U-verse TV service as it pushes new customers to newly acquired DirecTV, a sign the company is giving up on once-heralded plans to compete head-on with cable through telephone lines."


I cannot tell you how dismayed and disappointed I am of this news. I want to appeal to CEO Randall Stephenson that this loyal subscriber wants him to change this reported direction, keep the U-Verse service and honor the original agreement on DirecTV to have the OAN and AWE channels not only on U-Verse but also on DirecTV!


I also appeal to all readers of this to join me in communicating directly to CEO Randall Stephenson on his email [edited for privacy-please do not post personal or unique information such as but not limited to full names, employee ID numbers, email addresses, phone numbers, account numbers, etc.] asking the same. Many thanks in advance!

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Re: Uverse phase-out report

Do like I did and got to COX, great company, great programing, NO CONTRACT and super service within 2 days of a problem.

So forget U-verse, Direct TV and Dish. I am with Cox now the prices are great, service is great and in Louisiana we have our

share of storms and never lost tv or internet yet.

So, go with Cox and just forget the rest, as AT&T is so big now they do not need folks like us anymore. They are making a

big mistake and Cox will grow and thank AT&T for this stupid move............................CTR

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