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Sony LCoS Died, New Panasonic ZT


Sony LCoS Died, New Panasonic ZT

My trusty awesome Sony KDS-55A3000 55" LCoS (Liquid Crystal on Silicon) TV that I've had since 2007 finally bit the dust about 2 weeks ago.  The optical block finally went completely belly up with virtually no blue color in the picture.


For about 3 weeks before it totally went, it had been gradually getting worse, with yellow splotches that about 6 months ago were barely visible slowly becoming larger and more prominent.  All of a sudden around Christmas day, the entire picture took on varying levels of yellow, indicating that the blue LCoS element in the optical block had failed.


This was such an awesome TV, I hated so see it failing, but reluctantly I started researching what I wanted to get as a replacement.  I was looking at the Samsung UNF8000, as well as the Sony KDL-55W900A.  Both of those are LED-backlit LCD TVs, with excellent reviews.


However, Panasonic announced in mid-November that they would be discontinuing their plasma line completely, citing production costs vs. LCD.  As a result, most of the Panasonic plasmas dropped in price.


I found and purchased the last Panasonic TC-PZT60 (60") that was available in the city of Houston, at about a 30% discount.  It was a chore to get it home, get is set up, and get rid of the Sony, but I completed that last weekend.


I made the right choice.  This is the finest TV I have ever seen, and though I believed it to be nearly impossible, it surpasses the LCoS in every way.  The color gamut alone is just ridiculous.  And I'm really happy that I was able to avoid an LCD.


I've been re-watching several Blu-Rays that are my favorites, and even now I'm able to see things in the picture that I never saw before.  Truly a remarkable experience.


If you need to replace your TV, look around, there's probably a few left (the ZT, the mid-line VT, and the excellent-value ST), all of which are Panasonic's plasma panels.  You will not be disappointed.



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Re: Sony LCoS Died, New Panasonic ZT

Congrats on the new set!!  I researched it and it looks like an amazing TV.   I purchased a Sony XBR-55HX950 about 15 months ago and for me it's got a superb picture.  If I am playing a Blu-Ray you can stand 1ft. from it and it's as clear as can be.  No blur.


I also ended up buying one for my parents for Christmas in 2012.  Funny story....Both of them are in their late 70's and they were astounded by the picture.  They had been watching a Sony 40XBR5 set.  Then my Mom had Lasik on her eyes this past summer and was telling my Dad that the new TV was even clearer and more colorful than she had ever seen since she had the Lasik.  She had been trying to have him get Lasik done for a couple of years.  Well after she told him about the TV looking so much better after getting hers done, he agreed to get his eyes done.  He got them done and both are very happy with theirs too.  I just can't believe a TV can get someone to get Lasik!!  It was too funny.  'ol Dad is a bit stubborn........


Anyway, again congrats on the new set!!  Enjoy!! 

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Re: Sony LCoS Died, New Panasonic ZT

That sounds great S.J.  Congrats on the purchase and your excitement over the great picture quality.  Our 55" Sony....same type as yours....has been doing very well since that last change out of the optical block under the extended warranty.  But we have had it since the fall of 2006 and I'm beginning to wonder if I really want to spend the cash on a new lamp when the old one bites the dust.  We'd like to go with the LED backlight if possible because of the lower power consumption.  We're seniors and trying to hold down our expenditures as much as possible.  But for now we'll stick with the Sony.  Like you.....I've always been in love with the picture quality.   My youngest son bought a 60 inch Samsung plasma.  Of course I have not been asked to tweak the adjustments and so I'm not going to volunteer.  But, frankly, I don't care for the picture.  I will be interested in your further reports and how you feel about your Panasonic after you've lived with it for a while.   Right now I'm a bit leery of Panasonic after my very bad experience with the Lumix camera I bought only 15 months ago.  It is completely dead and out of warranty.  Repair estimate was within $20 of the cost of a new camera.  So this time I went back to a brand I trust and bought a Canon pocket-compact. 

I'm also somewhat leery of Samsung.....for two reasons.  My Samsung cell phone was not good.....lots of dropped calls and missed calls that never ever rang through.  That's why I have my Motorola now and it performs just fine.   THEN...there is my friend down in the Ft. Worth/Dallas area whose brand new Samsung HD suddenly blew its power supply.  Service man discovered that the circuit board had under rated capacitors on it (voltage) and three of them blew.  He ordered a new circuit board but, when it came, he observed the same under rated parts.  So he hand soldered some new capacitors into their original board and they've had no further problems.  That kind of quality problem from Samsung kind of surprises me.


Anyway.....enjoy that new plasma.



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Re: Sony LCoS Died, New Panasonic ZT

Sorry to hear your good ole' Sony LCos bit the dust SJ but congrats on your new 60" plasma Panasonic! It was just a year ago I took the Sony deal in buying a Sony KDL55HX750 for $750 to replace my KDS60A3000. This was a 55" model backlite LCD they were phasing out and it does have a real good picture. But I'm still a little miffed they would not sell me a 60", same as my LCoS, even though I was willing to spend more money. Never step down in TV size and I should have known better! I do like the fact it has the matt/non-glare screen finish so I don't get the glare from 6 large windows in my living room.


I too was looking at the Panasonic 60" plasmas as a replacement but more in lines with the mid-grade ST models. If I had it to do over again I should have sold the Sony replacement and put the money towards the 60" I wanted to begin with. Lesson learned....


Donlt want to end this post on a sour note and good luck with your new Panasonic SJ! Smiley Happy


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