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Malware warning

Malware warning

I've had a couple of these show up in my junk mail from FEDEX. They are malware and should be deleted and not opened.


Missed Delivery FedEx or DHL.

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Re: Malware warning

I keep getting ones from Facebook, Linked-In, or even T-Mobile (haven't had a phone with them for over a decade)  


Anymore when I get emails from companies I just look at the text and go directly to their site manually and not by clicking anything in the email.   


Too many scams to risk it unless you requested the email. (like a password reset)

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Re: Malware warning

Those are just phishing scams. The FedEx/DHL emails have an attachment that you are supposed to open to claim your package.

” Auto racing, bull fighting, and mountain climbing are the only real sports … all others are games.”- Ernest Hemingway
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Re: Malware warning

Thanks for the warning OFID.  I think I saw one or two of those Fed X e-mails a couple of months ago.  Of course they had slipped bast the Yahoo SPAM filter but I did not even open them since I knew that company does not send E-mails regarding delivery failures.


I hardly ever used to get any SPAM of any kind but my big mistake was yielding to urging from my grandchildren to get on FaceBook.  Oh boy.....that was like opening the door to let the burglar into the house.   I long ago canceled the FaceBook account but the damage was done and now my SPAM folder gets a load of messages every day.  Recently the SPAMMERS have changed their methodology somehow and some of them have been slipping by the filter.  But so far I've spotted them and get them marked as SPAM.  I think FaceBook is a terrorist plot.Alien smiley 2.gif

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