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Re: In loving memory


In loving memory



Morgan's Alfie....of Misty Glen


February 21, 2000 - May 22, 2013


No man could have a better, more faithful friend.  I shall cry myself to sleep tonight.

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Re: In loving memory

You are all wonderful friends.  Thank  you so much.  When all the kids have been gone for years....and it's just me and mom....a little guy like the Alf was a blessing.  He was super friendly.....with kids and adults....and other dogs if they did not threaten him.  Nearly everyone in the neighborhood has been tearful from my sad news.   Now we have to pick up the pieces.  Those being three different doggy beds and a portable kennel......various towels, mini-blankets and pillows he used at various times.....left over food which will probably go to one of the no-kill shelters here in our area.


Alfie was a pooch with an "attitude"......or as we fanciers of the West Highland White Terrier breed call it....."Westitude."   When asked to come....he usually did....but not before giving it careful consideration.  One could hear the gears going in his head.  A treat in my hand usually had some positive result in this matter.  We have quite an assortment of toys.....including his favorite squeaky balls.....the louder the squeak the better he liked it. 


Today I took the car to a quick wash....just to clean the outside...nothing inside this time.  When I pulled out the sun struck the passenger side window and there were all the Alfie nose smudges.  I had to pull over for a bit to recover from that one.


But I'm getting better.  As they say....time will help.  All of your support has been a blessing indeed.  I know I'm not nearly the only one to go through this....have done so myself in the past with other dogs.  But those were busier, working days and to be honest......Alfie was a unique pooch.


I may bribe myself into better mood by going and trading in my old DSLR for a new one.

The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other peoples' money.
.......Margaret Thatcher
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Re: In loving memory

Smiley SadSmiley SadSmiley SadSmiley SadSmiley SadSmiley SadSmiley SadSmiley SadSmiley SadSmiley SadSmiley Sad




Phil, I'm sorry for being late with this. I tried to reply twice before, but couldn't see to type as the eyes were to blurry by the time I got to the end of your posts. My sympathy goes out to you and your wife with hopes that your broken hearts will mend sometime soon. Having lost three in the last 15 years myself, I know the vast hole that has been left in your life and your soul, and although the pain will lessen with time, the memories will be there forever.



 I know you said never again, so, when you drop off the food at the shelter, whatever you do, don't walk back to the kennels, and don't think about the dog back there that would be the luckiest dog in the world to have a chance at helping you recover from your loss.




It came to me that every time I lose a dog they take a piece of my heart with them. And every new dog who comes into my life, gifts me with a piece of their heart. If I live long enough, all the components of my heart will be dog, and I will become as generous and loving as they are. ~Unknown






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Re: In loving memory

Oh wow, Phil.  I'm so sorry to hear about Alfie.  I enjoyed seeing his pictures here and am sure he was a great dog to have around.


We had a scare with one of our little ones (Yorkie Terriers) a few weeks ago.  One of his hind kneecaps keeps slipping out of place then back in so he was limping on three legs most of the time.  Vet said it is an easy orthopedic procedure so we signed him up for it one Monday morning.  They had his leg all shaved ready to go and had his IV drip in.  They brought him to the OR and started giving him the anesthetic shot in his IV so they could get the tube in to give him the anesthetic gas and he went into cardiac arrest right there on the table.  The doctors (husband and wife team) started CPR right away and were able to get his heart started again after five minutes.  They cancelled all of their appointments for the rest of the day so they could focus on our little guy.  When my mom called me at work crying I knew immediately something was wrong and feared the worst.  One of the doctors was going to spend the night there at the vet's office as our dog was in the "ICU" so we decided we were going to stay there the whole night, too.  It was real touch and go most of the night as he was in a coma (not induced) for a good majority of the night.  Every now and then he'd stop breathing and we'd have to gently shake him and call his name to get him back...It's kind of strange...They say that when someone is in a coma they can still hear and I truly believe that to be the case after that night.  His O2 levels were way down even though they were giving him 100% oxygen most of the afternoon.  Every time we'd call his name the numbers would jump up into the 90s but would drop the minute we'd stop calling his name.  In fact, my sister was coming home from a trip to Disney World that night (my mom and I didn't have the heart to tell her the news while she was flying home).  It wasn't until she landed in Cody that I called her and told her we were still at the vet's office and to wait at the airport for me.  She was just going to drive home and surprise us.  When we got back to the vet's office Dirk (our dog) really snapped out of the coma for the first time since the incident, like as if somehow he knew she was there (he is kind of "her dog" and Ben, our other one, is "my dog", even though they're really everyone's dog).  He got better and better as the night progressed but was still in and out of a coma-like state even well into the morning.  He still wasn't eating or drinking on his own so the doctors took him home the next night so they could monitor him through the night.  The next day (day 3) he was doing better but still not able to walk on his own at all, we were able to take him home though we had to keep him in a plastic tote full of blankets and pillows so if he moved or flipped over he wouldn't hit the floor.  It was sad to see Ben's response when we got Dirk home, he didn't want anything to do with Dirk (they're biological brothers).  It took a lot of time to get them back together again.  We don't know if somehow Ben knew something happened to his brother or if maybe he thought he was a different/new dog to replace Dirk or what the deal was.  Now he's up and walking and to his normal self behavior wise, though since the surgery never happened he's still on the three legs, on occasion he'll put weight on the other leg.  Ben and Dirk are now fully reacquainted and back to their normal selves.


We still don't really know exactly what caused the problem.  The doctors crunched the numbers and at the drip rate his IV was on they figured out that the anesthetic they put through the IV tube never actually made it out of the drip tube when he went into cardiac arrest.  We get so attached to our four-legged family members that they are truly that -- a part of the family.  I remember a few years ago when we had to put our Schnauzer to sleep, I was devastated.  He was 16 and he had been with me since the first grade so we practically grew up together.  It's hard when they go but they make great companions while they're with us.


EDIT: Guess I never mentioned: the procedure was to fix his kneecap.

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Re: In loving memory

Wow, KK, that was a Rollercoaster.

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Re: In loving memory

Phil, I'm just reading this and so sorry to hear!  I know how special Alfie was to you, a real bud and you watched him grow up.  I'm at a loss for words and know the pain all too well.  Smiley Sad

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