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Google Fiber coming to Austin, TX


Google Fiber coming to Austin, TX

AUSTIN -- It's official. Google Fiber is coming to Austin.

On Tuesday Mayor Lee Leffingwell made the announcement that the Internet service will be coming to the capital city in 2014.

Google Fiber brings Internet speeds that clock in 100 times faster than  any other service. Tech experts say the service will boost Austin's  economy by luring in a whole new group of tech companies.


Article here.

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Re: Google Fiber coming to Austin, TX

David wrote:

ScottMac wrote:
I don't think it would bother me as much if it was expressed as opinion, suspicion, "I heard ..." etc.

When it is expressed as an absolute or "fact," especially without any kind of backing or documentation, IMO, it needs to be addressed ... preferably as an educational opportunity (if not to the OP, someone else reading it later).

Thanks again, take care!

It happens quite a bit in forums these days, these forums are not immune either. Some people just tout things they read on other sites as opinions and treat them as fact. Even some of the "in the know" newspeople get it often quite wrong in most cases. Actual and factual reporting seems to be going on the wayside in this country.


I still see Google scrapping it in 2 years, only because they are not going to put up with the FCC's rules and regulations. Before too long and if they buy those fiber networks for $1 the FTC will start investigating eventually. Whicn in Google fashion, they would pull out again after 2 years. They proved the first time they were not going to put up with it, what makes anyone think this is going to be different.


From what I got from a few old college classmates in the Kansas areas, it's not all it's hyped up to be.

I understand and agree. I have my share of "senior moments" or get in a hurry and connect the wrong dots ... it happens, no problem with it at all. It's just the proclamation of opinion as fact that makes me itch. I'm a Mod on another Tech / Networking site so I see this pretty regularly.


The Google experiment will be interesting to watch over the next year or so, and probably even more interesting as their active infrastructure ages. They do have an advantage in starting from scratch; AT&T and the other established carriers have to "evolve" into the new technologies and architectures, which is often more time consuming and expensive ,,, to do it in a way that existng customers can tolerate financially and within the "bother factor" of their personal compatibility.


Just the integration and compatibillity testing can take months and months, developing the materials and training the troops (hands-on and support), writing the docs, then the rollout and deployment to the many VHOs, IOs, COs, and tens-of-thousands VRADs and/or millions of RGs, DVRs, or STBs. This often has to also coordinate with other internal and external organizations, which can inject other delay factors.


Hopefully the users realize at some point that there is no business reason to "hold back;" the closest thing is that the planning and work to actually deploy a solid, working feature or update/upgrade just takes time. Anyone that can deploy the latest & greatest is doing so because it is a selling advantage.


Google can do their market studies, find out what the "average" user wants and develop around it, then roll out brand-new infrastructure and platforms and Rock & Roll. Even if they lose money (and they will, on the network part of it), they gain a massive amount of user preference and demographic data that lets them target their sales & marketing to more specific and exclusive groups. Advertisers pay big bucks for that kind of targeted marketing.


Whatever. I guess we all will get a chance to sit back and watch the show, so to speak.


BTW: Thanks David, for all the assistance you and your team have provided in all those ugly chronic cases. It's not an easy thing to handle, most of the time, but you guys handle it all with style and save the day. Great job to you & the Team!!




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