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DVD Movie Experts

I'm not a BRD fan, as many of you know, but still like to buy a DVD sometimes.


Amazon is always my choice since they have detailed specs, that are USUALLY correct.


My recent purchase arrived with RENTAL in a half circle on the bottom of the cover.  This is a new disc and that word was not a sticker.  It is also on the disc itself.


I put it in the laptop to play, and the first thing I see is this:



As it states, none of the bonus features are available.  It is Unrated with options to watch either Theatrical or Uncut.  This was not a Used item or bought from a Seller; strictly from Amazon


I have watched and rented a ton of movies and have NEVER seen anything like this, ever!  Can anyone explain it to me?


Amazon is willing to let me return the purchase, but how can I make sure I won't get a repeat of this one?

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Re: DVD Movie Experts

Strange and I've never seen anything like that on the DVD's/BRD's I bought from Amazon, Spd.


Believe I'd go into the reviews for that movie and see if others are receiving the same thing. Often I read some of the bad reviews to see if there's problems with the audio, video, aspect ratio, etc.. Believe I'd try and exchange it for a new copy regardless.



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Re: DVD Movie Experts

I've read them, and no mention...Google has been no help either.  Disc itself is plain with frosted silver label; as I posted in the Firefox-UK thread...I'm starting to think it's a bootleg.


I want the movie, just the one I ordered!  Will let you know.  Weirdness follows me like a black cloud, huh? Smiley Very Happy

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Re: DVD Movie Experts

Was this sold by Amazon (i.e. their stock) or did the listing for the DVD say that it was fulfilled by a different company (i.e. Amazon is the sales processor but you're actually ordering from someone else)?
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Re: DVD Movie Experts

It was from someone else, but fulfilled by Amazon.  Amazon has already refunded the price and said to just send it back.


I always look to buy directly from Amazon first, even if it costs more.  This DVD I ordered for some reason was at the top of the list, and it was not being offered by Amazon (the usual New, put in cart).


Looking through all the listings early today, I found this movie from Amazon, LLC, so I'm going to give that one a try.


But I've never seen a DVD that says Rental printed into the packaging; then doesn't allow you access to the bonus content.  That is almost like a downloaded rental.

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Re: DVD Movie Experts

Ya, someone is sticking previously-rented DVDs that are specifically manufactured for the rental market into cases and reselling them as new retail DVDs. That's definitely not kosher.

I would bring that to Amazon's attention, if they get too many complaints about that reseller they will drop them.
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Re: DVD Movie Experts

I will make it perfectly clear, and they should definitely not be fulfilling the orders.  Thanks.

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Re: DVD Movie Experts

I wanted to give a final update--Amazon refunded the full price plus shipping for the DVD even before it was returned.  They gave me free return shipping, and free 2-day shipping for a replacement.  With the holiday weekend, it took 4 days, LOL! 


New DVD arrived and had a cracked case (from shipping), but everything else is perfect.  I finally got to see all of the Special Features, and both versions of the movie without the unrecoverable freezing in Chapter 17.


I've never given a negative feedback before, but this one deserved it for deception. Smiley Sad


Lesson learned, look THROUGHLY for a direct-from-Amazon listing, not just a fulfilled-by-Amazon one.  Normally Amazon's direct listings appear first unless they are out of stock.  I had to go through 2 pages of listings to find a direct-Amazon one; very odd. 

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