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Are they going to black the hockey games tonight again?


Are they going to black the hockey games tonight again?

So far the KIngs/Ducks hockey games have been blacked out for my area. (Orange County, California) - Not only that, they blacked out the end of the game before that so I wasted hours watching it only to have the last 30 minutes of the game blacked out. These games are all sold out long ago. There is no reason to black them out excpet to just be mean.


What in the heck is going on? This is ridiculous. This is the first time in history two LA sports teams are meeting each other in a playoff and we in the local area don't get to see it. Seriously I am really frustrated about this.

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Re: Are they going to black the hockey games tonight again?

Well I just got my answer. You cut off the game I was watching before. I watched it for two and half hours and then don't get to see the last 30 mninutes of the game. And of course I don't get to see the next game. I asked my friends that have Dish and Direct TV and they are seeing it just fine. As soon as my contract is up, I'm gone.


This is just blatant crap. I am so mad right now. Thanks a lot ATT. You made me miss the whole second round of the Stanley Cup playoffs. This is ludicrous and you should be ashamed.




I want my money back!!!!!!!

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